Aircraft Flies Past 4 Red Orbs Longmont, Colorado USA

A Spectacular Encounter: Four Red Light UFO Orbs Dance in the Colorado Skies As Unknown Aircraft Flies Past.

Four Red UFO Orbs hovering over Longmont Colorado USA.

Let's get into it.

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A recent UFO report landed in my Instagram DMs, shaking up my routine with a thrilling sighting captured by a keen observer in Longmont, Colorado.


The video reveals a mesmerizing display of four red-light UFO orbs, accompanied by the unexpected presence of an aircraft flying nearby. This unexpected encounter brought back the excitement of exploring the unknown, a feeling that's been a bit dormant for a while.

Eyewitness Account:

On November 13, at 6:03 pm, the eyewitness, who wishes (asked to remain anonymous), witnessed the extraordinary event unfold in the skies above Longmont, Colorado. This wasn't the first time such red-coloured, large flying objects had been spotted in the area. The eyewitness recalled a previous sighting where similar lights adorned the mountaintops on a different date, viewed from an alternate vantage point.

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The Intriguing Video:

The shared video captures the essence of the sighting, showcasing the four red-light UFO orbs in a captivating dance across the Colorado skies. What adds an unexpected twist to the narrative is the presence of a conventional aircraft flying near these mysterious orbs. The juxtaposition of the familiar and the unidentified adds layers to the intrigue, leaving viewers and investigators alike with numerous questions.

Witness Statement:

November 13 6:03 pm Longmont Colorado. Not the first time coloured large flying objects have been seen in this area. Saw the same lights looking at them from the other side on top of the mountains on a different date. They are regionally in Denver International Airport airspace. They were only visible for a short period before clouds and roofs obstructed the view. Someone else was there to see it with me and that same person was in the mountains on a different date when we saw the same flying red lights looking from the other way.

Analyzing the Event:

As we delve into this fresh UFO encounter, several questions arise:

1. What could be the origin and nature of the red light UFO orbs observed in Longmont, Colorado?

2. Is there a pattern to the recurrence of these sightings in the same geographical area?

3. How does the interaction with a conventional aircraft influence our understanding of these UFO phenomena?

Longmont's History of Unexplained Lights:

The mention of a previous sighting with similar lights on the mountaintops raises the question of whether Longmont has become a hotspot for such unexplained phenomena. Exploring the history of UFO sightings in this region could provide valuable context and possibly unveil a pattern or connection. So here's what I found; between Boulder and Thornton including Longmont, there have been hundreds of UFO sightings with a lot happening over Greely also. Here's a link to a plethora of amazing UFO sightings since 2017.

Maintaining Anonymity:

Respecting the witness's request for anonymity is crucial in preserving the integrity of the report. It allows individuals to come forward with their experiences without fear of repercussion, fostering a community of shared exploration into the mysteries that grace our skies.


The recent UFO sighting in Longmont, Colorado, serves as a vivid reminder of the ongoing enigma that surrounds us. The four red light UFO orbs, dancing in unison, and the unexpected presence of an aircraft create a narrative that invites further investigation. As we continue to unravel the mysteries of the unknown, this encounter adds another chapter to the ever-growing tapestry of UFO sightings. If you have a UFO sighting that you think I should cover please don't hesitate to contact me through Instagram DMs @ufosightingsfootage.

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