Crossing Over Area 51 Bikers

Area 51 is a well known US Government testing facility of Alien technology and also is where the Russian MIG was back engineered at.

This place is the Mecca for all Ufologists and Alien researchers.

It holds near mythical status and has the title of being the number one hot spot for UFO sightings, in and around the facility. This place is huge and just because it is situated on a vast stretch of land, the security is on a whole other level and is strictly off limits to ANYONE!

Recently two bikers got caught on their merry ways and was pounced on from security/police from literally nowhere! Like any good spook, they just appeared out of nowhere and had these two guys literally shitting bricks! The fools that they are sped past warning we will shoot signs! Unless they wanted to be killed? I think they call that suicide by cop? Check out this video its great.

Video description:
Just having some fun with the Area 51 Camo dudes. Plus I was having some fun messing around with my sons. No the camo dudes didn't come down and draw the line in the dirt, just joking around. But they were starting to get pissed because they moved closer in to see us.

Credit: Macadventures YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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