WOW, that's all I've gotta say about this Top Buzz - It's really good for creators!

I got a referral the other day from a mate on Facebook and I didn't really think much to it? I thought it was just another bit of "run of the mill junk" but I read it and thought yeah right, way to good to be true!!!

So I went to the site and I read it, I signed up proper easy and it let's anyone sync their content from YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. So I thought OK I'll sync my vids from YouTube and I started getting paid straight away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kid ya not, it was that simple! My many videos synced from my YouTube channel and man, the views on Top Buzz are crazy! I mean proper loads. In-fact I thinks I'm famous, lol. Well, probs not yet but I hope to one day discover the meaning to life and get's me a Noble Peace Prize for discovering the secret to Cornish pasties? Them thing's are really, really nice, mmmh!

Anyways, on a level - I have never recommended anything like this before because there's a million and one doing that type of stuff but this is legit. Just check it out by this link and signs ya self up, sync any vids ya have and watch the Dollar$ get in your backpack!!! In-fact, bring two backpacks you'll probably need two for the dough ya gunna makes!

Tell em I sent ya, you'll be arite, lol

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