The Mysterious Men in Black - UFO Occupants Or Government Coverup?

The central figure in a UFO legend, Albert Bender supposedly was silenced by menacing men in black because he had discovered the answer to the UFO mystery. Through the "Bender mystery" the legend of the "men in black" (MIB) came into the world-even though, as Barker observed, a man in black had played a villainous role in the Maury Island incident. According to Barker, the MIB were ranging as far afield as Australia and New Zealand, scaring still more UFO buffs into silence. Check out my website at ufosightingsfootage dot UK By the late 1980s MIB tales had become sufficiently ubiquitous that the august Journal of American Folklore took note of them in a long article. Just who the MIB were remained unclear.


To saucerians enamoured with conspiracy theories, they were enforcers for the Silence Group, associated with international banking interests that sought to stifle the technological advances and moral reforms the Space Brothers wanted to bestow on Earthlings. To others, they were alien beings-perhaps, some speculated, Shaver's deros. In 1962 Bender came down on the side of the alien school. Breaking his nine-year silence in Flying Saucers and the Three Men, which he insisted was not a science-fiction novel, Bender revealed that the men in black who drove him out of ufology were monsters from the planet Kazik.

Even Barker, the book's publisher and a relentless Bender promoter, remarked privately and out of customers' hearing, that maybe it had all been a "dream." Fear of the MIB was generated in part by worries about the possibly hostile motives of UFOs. A popular early book, Flying Saucers on the Attack by Harold T. Wilkins (1954), fretted th­at a "Cosmic General Staff could even now be plotting a real-life war of the worlds. But next to demonologist-ufologist John A. Keel, author of UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse (1970) and other writings, Wilkins sounded like an optimist. In Keel's rendering UFO intelligence's are not simply extraterrestrials but "ultraterrestrials"-entities from unimaginable other dimensions of reality. Worse, they definitely do not like us at all. Human beings, Keel thunders, are "like ants, trying to view reality with very limited perceptive equipment... We are biochemical robots helplessly controlled by forces that can scramble our brains, destroy our memories and use us in any way they see fit. They have been doing it to us forever."­ After nine years Albert Bender broke his silence and revealed the "truth" in Flying Saucers and the Three Men. According to Bender, the men in black were monsters from the distant plant Kazik. Is it true or is it false? Only time will tell and time will always tell all! Men In Black do exist and NASA and the Government is on the verge of telling everyone. The global "hacktivist" network Anonymous has released a video stating that NASA is on the verge of announcing a major alien discovery and

There's Been An Exciting And Unusual Sighting Of A UFO Or An Asteroid Over Russia Recently

UFO or asteroid caught on camera over Russia?
Very odd sighting over Russia, what the hell is it? UFO or an asteroid?

Apparently this whole event was captured by numerous people from numerous different locations so the chances of this being a hoax or faked or part of some elaborate hoax is going to be pretty hard to pull off?

That's why we've decided to do a piece on this because if anything else o above all else this proves if but one thing that strange events or things ARE happening over the planet Earth? Some have said it's a Jet? Although that to me seem's a little odd?

Some have said it's an asteroid which can't be ruled out or even CERN The Large Hadron Collider? Which way do you sway? I may not of even mentioned what your thinking in which case guys, leave us your thoughts and please like and share with your friends or family, let's get a good debate going guys and figure this one out? If it help's you make a decision, it happened over Russia which I don't see how that bit of info could be of any use but there you go? Cheers guys and have a happy new year?

UFO Sightings Footage Brand New Video Introduction Or (Vid Intro if you like?) For 2018

UFO Sightings Footage New Intro the beginning piece not the ending of this video for 2018.

A Huge, Massive Asteroid Type Object Has Been Detected And Scientists Say It "COULD BE REAL MOTHERSHIP?"

A Huge, Massive Asteroid Type Object Has Been Detected And Scientists Say It
That my fellow friends is not in anyway, shape or form a normal looking piece of space debris? It is an intelligently made spacecraft, mother ship or it could even be a scout ship looking for places to mine that have the amounts of minerals they need? Even though it slowed down, it could be a normal thing and a totally normal space eventthat happenened by some natural force that slowed it down?


This huge asteroid, comet or whatever you want call this thing (I say thing because it has apparently slowed down). In my own personal view it is what you call a UFHO? "Unidentified Fast as hell Object" Or rather it was fast as hell, but it's apparently slowed down and it look's like a mothership what with weird protrusions on it? For instance this image below shows what I mean;

So you please tell me what the hell is that thing on the apparent asteroid/comet? That is a bridge like on a ship, it's a forward looking post? It's a fricking scary as hell protrusion if you ask me?


It's entered our solar system and slowed down and apparently it's on it's way? Did they get that friggin thing that so-called-Astronomers-astrologists-scientists or NASA, I forget off the top off my bead who sent out that satellite with the record in gold called the sounds of the Earth with bloody directions on how to get here? What a dick move that was? Stephen Hawking has said that we shouldn't of done that because we don't know who the heck is going to pull it on board and see the types of minerals the satellite is made of and think;


Set a new course for Earth and full steam ahead, when we get near or into their solar system slow down so we look like a normal asteroid comet or whatever? You get the picture? Sounds of the Earth, that's got to be the biggest dick move humanity has ever made? I say humanity and what I really mean is the idiots who thought of it and did it, they did the biggest dick move and if it is an Alien hostile entity we have them "people" to blame?

It reminds me of this;
A Huge, Massive Asteroid Type Object Has Been Detected And Scientists Say It

That thing looks just like it's twin OMG it's just dawned on me? The one that's just slowed down in our solar system could be another one come to rescue it, follow up on the work they we're doing or even come to retrieve the one on the Moon and it's occupants? You know the Mona Lisa - that's what we nicknamed one of the occupants that we recovered i think I have a image of it;

Another Alien recovered from the Moon? A Huge, Massive Asteroid Type Object Has Been Detected And Scientists Say It

Here's a Gif of the other Alien that was recovered from same spaceship on the Moon;
A Huge, Massive Asteroid Type Object Has Been Detected And Scientists Say It
Here is a Gif of the other Alien recovered from the spaceship on the Moon this is why they went to the Moon! This is why there was a space race to get to the frickin Moon it was to get to the Spaceship first and look at how technologically evolved the USA has moved forward since 1969 when they brought back alsorts of technological wonders and these Aliens! Just think about that for a second please?

Energy Can Be Harnessed From Simple IDEAS, Learn The Occult Technique

Using ideas to harness energy may sound like science fiction, but it’s actually a secret reserved to a very small number of initiates. The amount of energy that a simple idea can generate is unrivalled.

Using ideas to harness energy may sound like science fiction, but it’s actually a secret reserved to a very small number of initiates. The amount of energy that a simple idea can generate is unrivalled. Here’s how you can generate and harness energy from ideas:

Activation Firstly, let us get to grips with what activation of the human body means. I can use a few metaphors, like coming online, awakening, piercing the veils, being reborn or ascending into a higher vibration. Many of these analogies are likened to the first part of just realising that everything you have become was based on a big fat lie. Activation is the grace and bliss awaiting a soul after a complete deprogramming of matrix-based constructs. The collapsing of a whole world created out of ignorance and the reconstruction of a new one by the creator you have acknowledged in yourself, the eternal and sovereign soul.

This new world is indeed the one you may have heard prophesied about, and will come about for everyone as soon as enough souls have reached this unavoidable conclusion: the realisation that we are above the control of the control setup of what has kept reality as it is (i.e. a tape that’s been stuck for thousands of years).

The Will It is only now that we are remembering that we are the creators of everything, even all the gods ever worshipped that are kept alive to this day by astral energy in the astral plane, seeking more devotees, more slaves! These gods now find themselves in a predicament where they will slowly lose all power in the form of fear given off by the ignorant seeking salvation outside themselves.

A major source — if not the biggest source — of energy is directly linked to the consciousness of the individual. The Chinese relate to someone in healthful vigour as having an energised spirit. What is an energised spirit? This relates to your WILL to live. How badly do you want to get up in the morning?

Do you jump up and start your day with passion or do you slowly but surely hesitantly rise from a coffin? The Will of an individual has plenty to do with the story they choose to believe to be true, connecting to their reality.

  • As consciousness grows to higher levels, the Will of an individual likewise becomes bigger, as more responsibilities are realised with the realisation that you are your own world-builder. And, of course, every single thing manifests from your very own output. Here is another analogy: imagine someone tells you that you will definitely win the lottery tomorrow. How would you feel that night beforehand?

  • Would you be able to fall asleep? The answer is probably no, because your energy levels would be extremely high from the idea that you will be a millionaire soon. Where is this intense energy actually coming from? It is coming from an idea inside of you, an idea that is charging you up with so much energy that you cannot even fall sleep!

  • The mind is the author. The creativity of our minds all hold the keys to generating ideas which we can feed off of. And we are free to create anything out of an infinite amount of possibilities and potential. Those with the most energy are actually those who believe that what they are doing is leading them to their ultimate dreams. That is why there are people who live in extreme poverty with much higher spirits than others who live in better financial conditions.

  • Their consciousnesses are running on different internal motivational mechanisms — a major source of the energetic state. According to physics, everything is energy in its purest form, which means that those who are suffering from low energy levels are trapped in states of ignorant obliviousness. These are the victims falling under the archonic/matrix programming syndrome.

  • It is a sad fact that there is plenty of conflict in the world over just that, energy. People believe that there is not enough to go around, while there is more than can ever be used, in more forms than we will probably ever discover on this planet. As long as you discover that your state of consciousness is the mightiest dynamo of free energy you will ever need, then you will never be low on energy ever again, as you learn to perpetuate yourself through this world, simply harnessing energy from ideas!
Taming the Energy

Be sure to remain calm and balanced, though, as emotions can disturb you when they become too strong. This is where wisdom comes in: you’ll have to be able to remain centred even if you win the lottery, not to become too excited.

What is wisdom?

Wisdom is you, the observer, the timeless soul. This is a different mindset, one that calms the flames raging from the ideas that fuel you, and keeps them in check, in order to prevent the body from overcharging itself and becoming too positive —”getting high” on too much energy. In a sense, you have to master the art of not taking the rational minds’ ideas up too seriously while, at the same time, still allowing them to be. What I am saying is synonymous with the practice of identification with the mind to remain in a fully aware present state where all possibility may manifest.


This brings us to the highest realm of energy, the present moment. Here is where awareness experiences reality. How much of it is focused in this time frame depends on the presence of the individual. Here is where the mind gets in the way, unfortunately, stealing vital moments from awareness, which you will never get back again. If awareness steals away your attention, is it a good or a bad thing?

  • Well, firstly, let’s take a look at a psychological phenomena that most people suffer from, and that is judgement. We consciously and, sometimes even unconsciously, judge ourselves, everyone and everything around us.

When we make conversations with other people, we also talk to ourselves at the same time, holding an internal dialogue about what we think that is going on. If you are in a social situation that demands compassion and understanding, then the thought that is screaming for your attention is, nine times out of ten, irrelevant to the present moment. It is here where you lose out on beautiful, vital, moments of life, which are only perceived through non-judgement and acceptance. It is here where you can create the most effects in life, by being available to synchronicity. The present moment is a prerequisite to finding the frequency where love resides. Love is the highest form of energy, one that nothing can surpass. Once reached, the love vibration will catapult you to your highest energetic state — one that will stay with you whatever you do and wherever you might go.

Bob Marley famously said “my home is everywhere I go.”

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