Giants Really Did Exist Throughout The World

Who is familiar with the strange-looking and gigantic skeletons being found around the world or the Nephilim which people are uploading to the internet? Well, if you instantly think that the images must be photo-shopped, you may need to rethink that one. I know you need to rethink that one, for sure! Because once upon a time long, long ago walked a huge race of giants upon the Earth.

These giants were said to be from ancient Syria but could be from other areas. The oldest are said to be from Syria as far as we are aware.

Huge people considered to be Giants do and will always exist.

The thing is with history, it is always evolving and changing the goalposts pretty much every year.


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Either something new is found out about something or someone has more information, and archaeologists throw something brand new into the pot and quite literally throw everything once thought about something (in this case ancient Giants) into the air and everything has to be rewritten and or rewritten and what you learned has to be unlearned?

Here is more proof of Ancient Giants.

Was there once an advanced ancient race of "Titan Giants" roaming the Earth in the remote past? You bet your bottom dollar they were? In 2005, a Russian scientist called Prof. Ernst Muldashev tried to bring the correct answer to the public - but, with no wonder, he was quickly shut down.

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But the cat as they say was already out of the bag and whilst we do not concretely know if the Giants were excavated or exhumed and taken to a secure place to be studied and prodded even carbon dated, the masses now have their most up-to-date answer and that answer is a resounding YES! Ancient Giants roam the Earth in the remote past, and that is something you can rely on!

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In the last couple of decades, much of the population on Earth has firmly come to believe that history has been told only partially. We have come to realise that numerous pieces are missing from the puzzle and that mankind’s origin and past are far more enigmatic than many scholars are willing to accept. Throughout the decades, countless findings have been made, pointing towards a much different history than we are being told by mainstream scholars.

Tall people that look like giants in history photos.

If you ever thought that this "fringe history" or pseudoscience is not at all real and is just from the wild imaginations of some group or groups of people with ulterior motives and flirting with insanity well you'd be wrong, very wrong in fact.

The Smithsonian Institute has dabbled in this "Giant theory" and a hundred years ago was physically involved with trying to discover "more" information on the subject because they already had some skeleton bones of which sizes were enormous and significantly denser than normal humanoid skeletons!

Huge Giants are a definite yes in our remote past.

It's no denying that Ancient Giants did exist.

Here is where the Smithsonian Institute gets their hands dirty so-to-speak and gets all hands-on with trying to uncover lost ancient knowledge and artefacts to prove one way or the other, so they commissioned a thorough investigation into and surrounding the South Charleston Mount conspiracy theory of which they discovered something but only from their wildest dreams? That's correct. They unearthed huge, gigantic skeletal remains of ancient GIANTS! These were very large indeed, and nothing could, would or ever should compare to these as their sizes (7 to 9 feet tall) were quite literally off the scales.

Nobody had ever seen anyone quite like this, BUT that's not to say people at that time didn't exist at that time because they did! Below is an image of a contemporary Giant born in 1899 called Adam Rainer, who was born in Graz, Austria. His parents had the average height at the time. However, in 1914, when the First World War broke out, he was only 1.37 meters tall at 15 years old. In the army, he was told he was too short and weak to enlist.

Here is a very, very tall woman.

Interestingly, in 1883, the Smithsonian Institute dispatched a team of researchers to the South Charleston Mount. There, according to reports, they discovered numerous giant skeletons ranging from 7 to 9 feet tall. The giants were said to have been buried with heavy copper bracelets and other items that appeared to have a religious and/or cultural meaning.

Even the newspapers of a hundred years ago were asking the same questions that we are asking right now in the modern age. Is this an ageless and old-as-the-hills question? Will there ever be a NASA scientist or a reputable scientist willing to go on record and tell us the truth one way or the other with evidence to back it up? Oh wait, they already have! So why are people not taking this seriously or whatever you would think would happen? It seems like people are happy enough to just go on Zombie asking the same question over and over again EVEN though they keep getting an answer, it's like they ask but then switch off their hearing, lol.

Ancient Giants did once roam the Earth.

Here's another conspiracy theory surrounding ancient Giants, but from North America;

Interestingly, another crucial piece of evidence was a discovery made in Wisconsin. The finding was omitted by researchers who remained silent and decided not to speak about the lost race of giants found in burial mounds near Lake Delavan in Wisconsin. The mysterious discovery, which was first reported in the 4 May 1912 issue of the New York Times states that at least 18 anomalous skeletons had been found in Wisconsin exhibiting extremely weird features unlike any known species to date. The excavation site was overseen by Beloit College and included over 200 mounds.

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