Why We Should Reward Work That Prove Ideas Won't Work

The best kept secret is to prove that ideas won't work? Why?

Because proving an idea will not work means your engineers, planners have to work at their best and that means they are at their optimal efficiency. It's not pitting one group of people against another, it's a team of people coming together to tackle the hardest and most rigid problems first. Instead of circling or side tracking a problem your actually running straight through it with knowledge and direction. You already know if it will work or not saving you and the company or team precious time.

Knowing if an idea will work (beforehand) means you've explored every possible problem that might, could and can appear or potentially arise in any given scenario and at any point in time? Rewarding your team for killing an idea dead in the water is arguably one of the best kept strategies or secrets in modern times? They've probably saved you more time in the last month than you would of paid for if you'd of come up against these problems and let's be honest about it here, how many times have you come across a problem and spent way to much time on it?

But if you already have a clear straight path to your objective why would you want to take a detour through town with traffic jams lasting maybe one or two hours?

Hey I'm not saying this way will work for every single problem and every company or corporation out there but the people that are working on tomorrows events and working on plans for the future well then it's these people I'm talking to! Your exactly the ones who will solve any and all problems, a kind of think tank but with certain motives i.e paycheck, bonuses and yes that all inclusive holiday which your partners harping on about.

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