Best Ufo Seen Over Texas USA - MUFON Case Number 93799

This is one of the best Mufon cases ever submitted.

MUFON Case Number:
Description (short):
Picture of full moon over lake. Noticed image when reviewing photo.
Submitted By:
Tyler From TX, US
Date Submitted

This is one of them "best UFO image times" where I put my big old nostrils right up to the screen and immediately think yep, "we have something here"?

There's not that many coming through MUFON at the minuet with media let alone amazing media like these perfect images. Did I just say the red flag word? You see, the word perfect in Ufology circles is a no no!

MUFON case 93799 showing the best UFO image ever.

There's no such thing as a perfect UFO image because more often than not, they always turn out to be staged or hoaxed? But the really good thing that this has going for it that the 3 other images in the set are terrible and this is probably the best of the set? It stands to reason because even the way we humans upload images has "always" been to upload the best first then the worst.

It is possible to zoom in and see it very clearly as you'll see from the image above. The image below is the original and it is absolutely just a tiny, tiny red spec. It's probably one pixel. but the original image on the MUFON website is huge. That's why we can zoom in with ease. Cameras nowadays have the most amazing features imaginable and always see what we can't see with naked eye.

MUFON case 93799 showing the best UFO image ever.

And, yep right on cue this is the first one uploaded to MUFON of the set so that evens that little flutter. You see, by no means is that an approved Ufology technique but I know human behavior and I know it's the one I'd upload first. Now, if I was trying hard to prove the images were real, or authentic then I'd put it 3rd or even last?

MUFON case 93799 showing the best UFO image ever.

So for me, the images are genuine (obviously not just because of that) but there's many other steps that validate this for me. I've been looking and determining UFO images for a long time and even though we don't a "standard" to compare the UFO images to.

A quick video I did about this spectacular UFO sighting.

I feel very confidant and happy with all my results and opinions I've given over the years.

MUFON case 93799 showing the best UFO image ever.

MUFON case 93799 showing the best UFO image ever.

Links to the MUFON case number 93799 and if you click between the images fast you can see it's moving in the night sky:

Source Link 1.
Source Link 2.
Source Link 3.

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