Awesome Footage Of Flying Saucer On Back Of Low Loader

Here's nothing but the video of a Flying Saucer that's passing by an eye witness enroute to Area 51 or it's heading straight to the Hollywood studios...

Here's the short post of a flying saucer caught on camera while being escorted to wherever it's intended to be? Real UFO or fake UFO, hoax UFO or real - but as a prop for the movies? You can decide, I just wanted to show you this, leave your thoughts and opinions below, cheer's.

This is a Flying Saucer that's passing by an eye witness in the street.

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There's no information with this video of a Flying Saucer that's on the low loader.

Video footage showing us this Flying Saucer might be real, it's definitely there on the low loader but the question is, is it an Extraterrestrial craft or is it a man made craft... You do know that the Government's of the world definitely, most certainly hide thing's in plain sight!

There's always something going on in the skies and higher up in our atmosphere. These smaller white looking UFOs in the shape of Tic Tacs really do become invisible because of their sizes, their shaped and colour. It's so hard to see an airplane let alone see a small UFO Orb or a Tic Tac UFO 30 thousand feet high or even higher when in the low Earth orbit.

Here's the extraordinary video footage showing us a UFO on the back of a low loader with way to much Police escort's... Normally, because it's fitted to the low loader without much overlapping of the lorry's low loader, it wouldn't need this much Police escort's? But look at how many there are?

Please share your thoughts and opinions, let's see what people think about this Flying Saucer or is it a fancy prop for an Hollywood studios executive...

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Credit: UFO_Scandanavia Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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