Fantastic Photo Just Sent To Me USO Caught On Camera

This was just recently sent to me showing a USO or Unidentified Submerged Object in the water's off Antrim, Northern Ireland on the 4th February, 2023.

This happened at 18:00 hrs Arcadi, Portrush County Antrim.

That's all the information on this amazing underwater UFO sighting which is great for posterity and historical purposes. It's all we need because it pin point's to where it actually took place.

Is the US Government gearing up for Extraterrestrial disclosure?

I believe that if we add up all the information that's been released and the many different agencies involved in the UAP disclosure that it's coming soon. Then if we take into account what has been said, what's been filmed and released, who's involved in bringing the information to the public's attention that it's pointing to a spectacular admission by the US Government?

We know this by now because of the event's in recent years. Historians are gonna be pouring over UFO sighting's going way back in the past.

UAP videos have been acknowledged as not human made and of unknown origins. Some just appeared from nowhere and disappeared. They display characteristics unlike anything else ever seen before. It's also worth noting that they're not another countries advanced aerial technology. They've left absolutely nothing to the imagination. It's not the full UFO disclosure that should have happened and the US Government has stopped just short of saying it's Extraterrestrial craft's.

But I'll tell you what, it's every insinuation that exists in the English language. Of these UFOs (that's what they are) it's the US military that calls them UAPs really. Of these UFOs and subsequent unprecedented Congress action and the Pentagon action plus the setting up of Aioseo there's over 170 that are going to be classed as of unknown origin.

Read on for more.

The amount that has been done in support of UFO and UAP disclosure with the creation of new UFO reporting centers for military personnel is unprecedented. And more is still being done to further the knowledge of UFOs over sensitive areas. Where once military personnel where fired for talking about it and for trying to report a UFO sighting (dismissed should I say) sometimes it was officers as well!

Now there's a lot of personnel coming forward with UAP reports jumping significantly. Here's a mind numbing piece of information which you need to not only read this, but check out the link to all the specifics and learn of the numbers in total before the new office was set up and since it's been set up.

The All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office, or AARO, had 510 UAP reports in its files at the end of August 2022. There was 144 report's on the books from a 17 year period which is absolutely silly taking what we now know into account. So that's an increase in 1 year of 464 new UAP sighting's just by military personnel. Of which, 171 need's further investigation because and I quote:

Within the new batch of sightings, the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence say, they're focusing on some 171 cases — including some in which objects "appear to have demonstrated unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities, and require further analysis."


To me, they're saying "not of this Earth" because if it was of this Earth then it's got to be another country using advanced aerial technology and that as they say "would be classified information" not chip shop wrapping paper for everyone to see! The US Government and US military wouldn't release knowledge of and an adversaries technology or it's capabilities, that information would almost certainly be classified. Just in the last 5 year's alone everything that has been released about UFOs (I'm being so serious here), everything that's been released point's to the US Government on the cusp of Extraterrestrial disclosure.

Now I just did a reality check and it still looks that way no matter how much sleep I get. They've told us that it's not another countries advanced aerial technology, it's not theirs. What do we add this up to? What's left so we can we attribute it to?


This is why there's a lot of confusion. Instead of saying we don't know what they are, or we don't know who created them and we don't know where they're from. Why don't they give us a best guess or an educated guess? Or have they painted themselves into a corner and what's actually left, is the answer?

Is it really just a case of "read between the lines" because it's the easiest lines to read between if it is?

Recent UFO disclosure outweighs everything and I mean everything ever that's come before it in fact since the beginning of Ufology!

It's a truly exciting time for Ufology and the world. The believer's and the ney sayers have gone back and forth since the beginning also, it's been a slog!

But Ufology has walked away with it's head held high and all it's  dignity in tact. Everyone who laughed, (I can't believe I'm writing this) everyone who pointed and made fun of the UFO believer's and just for talking about UFOs, it also brought huge ridicule.

Ufology got the last laugh.

Anyway, let's talk about something really interesting.

Portrush County Antrim Northern Ireland USO photographed on 4th Feb 2023.

The above USO was photographed by Tim Nelson.

It was Saturday night 4th of February at 18.00 at the Arcadia Portrush County Antrim Northern Ireland. It was taken by Tim Nelson it’s the lights under the water at sea.

USO Portrush UK seen by Tim Nelson 4th Feb 2023.

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Worcester UFO sighting Spetchley UK.

The mysterious UFO spotted was filmed above Worcester at 8.40am on Saturday 1st May 2021 by David Whittall. (David Whittall / SWNS). The silver white-ish object appeared hanging over his garden in Spetchley at around 8.40am in the morning

As a PS I've been looking up USOs and this UFO sighting (above immediate) that looks like it could create the same shape underwater shape with the lights, it was seen over Worcester not that far away from the Portrush USO just 2 year's before. It's underwater and it means it could be a Trans-medium object going between the ocean, atmosphere and space? The link to that UFO sighting is here.

Credit: Tim Nelson/NPR/Metro/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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