We Are Not Alone | UFO Flies Dangerously Close To Airplane

A UFO that screeched past an aircraft behind it, that's been filmed with luck.

White Disk flies in front of an airplane investigation by Jaime Maussan.

Close up of the white Disk passing in front of Aircraft.

A close-up look at the UFO flying right next to this aircraft comes dangerously close.

Definitely, without a doubt, luck played a massive part in catching this white Disk flying just behind this aeroplane.

I want to start this post with a quote by Nick Pope who was working at the UK's Ministry of Defence (MoD) Directorate of Defence Security on Extraterrestrial life.

Nick Pope said to the Sun newspaper and I'm quoting word for word:

Gesturing to the left with his finger, he said the object in the photograph wasn’t Russian. Jerking his hand to the right, he said it wasn’t American. He looked at us intently and said that only left one other possibility. He pointed straight up. My boss and I couldn’t help looking up too. Then we looked at each other and then we looked back at the intelligence officer. His face was inscrutable. Nothing further was said and my boss and I walked back to our office in silence.

The Sun 

This UFO video below, bottom was posted to Instagram by Jamie Maussan Oficial (one letter F). It shows us a white Disk passing behind according to the information contained in this video. I suppose it's based on the fact it's been filmed from the rear of the aircraft. ly passes in front of the aircraft which I believe it's a 747 aircraft. The UFO investigator Jaime Maussan posted this to his Instagram account and guys, it's limited information but it exists and it's in the stage of being investigated so as soon as possible when more information is available on this, I'll update this post.

Here's a quick description from the post; English. An Object passes with extraordinary speed behind this plane on takeoff.

Spanish; Objeto pasa con extraordinaria velocidad detrás de este avión en despegue.

That's a small piece of information and if you want to check it out for yourself here's the link.

I’ve seen the top-secret photos showing ‘Britain’s most significant UFO sighting’ – they left us shell-shocked.

Nick Pope ex MoD 

So, while the agency's (MoD's) official stance is that Extraterrestrial life doesn't exist because there's no solid evidence. We know that their criteria must be unusable and not reflect real-life common sense. I want to see this criterion, I think that this official criterion must exist! Otherwise, it's ALL nothing but opinions. We all know that opinions are ten to the dozen.

They do not add up generally speaking to the wider picture. They rarely add up in most scenarios to do with UFOs and the Government. So, if the MoD is using a scale-based criteria it must show it publicly. Just standing around the water cooler talking utter ..... That needs overhauling.

The public A. Deserves better and B. The public has a right to know how the photos and videos are processed.

Who makes the end decisions on UFO validity and what's he smoking because - and I'll just point out and refer to once again the quote for which I opened up this post. Pointing upwards after just ruling out the only countries that are capable of or could have any technical know-how to create anything like the diamond-shaped UFO which happened over Scotland. Well after learning what we now know, we will probably never know.

It all comes back to this stupid criteria for determining the validity of UFOs.

The high-up people of the hierarchy at the MoD in private are pointing upwards and hinting strongly to each other that the only possible candidate left on the table could be "Extraterrestrials" but then publish openly that nothing says it's Aliens.

It's probably because they're using outdated criteria! It needs updating or overhauling at the very least.

We need to see this unworkable criterion ditched and replaced with a modern reflection of UAP disclosure, Congress-led initiatives including new laws, new conduits to report UFOs and UAPs and no personal opinions whatsoever!

Here's the extraordinary video which was reported on by Jaime Maussan UFO Investigator:

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The Wikipedia page for Nick Pope explains what you need to know in a basic capacity. It will lead you to more information about Nick Pope. {alertSuccess}

Credit: Nick Pope/Jaime Maussan/Wikipedia/The Sun/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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