Unique UFO With 3 Light's Over Atlanta Georgia 3 Day's Ago

A fantastic UFO craft with 3 lights on the outside of it was filmed only just 3 days ago over Atlanta Georgia.

Unusual UFO sighting Atlanta GA USA with 3 light's.

Atlanta GA USA 3 light's on an unknown origin craft 6th march 2023.

Astonishing UFO sighting was filmed over Atlanta GA USA on the 6th March 2023, just recently.

That's amazing up-to-date information and you know that nobody else has seen this except for the eyewitness, me and now you guy's!

It was filmed from the window of the witness's car after they had pulled over to film this. The two side lights were turning on and off but as we can see it was happening very slowly but at regular intervals. This is a unique UFO sighting that is worth talking about so please share this and let's see if it's been filmed anywhere else.

UFO sighting information

Monday (03.06.23) at 7:56 PM Atlanta, GA, USA.

Probably one of the best UFO sighting's so far this year 2023.

We can achieve a timeline of events and I'm hoping that someone else sees this and knows that they've filmed this type of UFO as well. It was over Atlanta on Monday last at 7:56 pm which makes it easier for anyone to narrow down the timeline and check their CCTV, camera footage from any events etc. Fingers crossed that we get another example of this same UFO but elsewhere. I know Atlanta is a big place.

Researchers and historians

Having the time, place and date etc is also a great piece of information for researchers. When we do get Extraterrestrial confirmation you do know that all these UFO sightings are going to become the most important information that there is.

People are going to need clarity, they will be asking for information on UFO sightings and basically, they will want answers. These are the answers!

What matters

I used to say before, that the time and date plus the place didn't matter because it's the actual UFO sighting itself which makes all the difference. It's amazing how things can change like when we just had the 3 UFOs shot down. It puts things into perspective and absolutely yes indeed, the time and date plus the place of the UFO sighting do matter.

In Ufology anything is possible.

It is incredible to think that something like this could be seen in the sky. It is a reminder that anything is possible and that the world is full of mysteries (strange upside-down mysteries) that are yet to be solved. Can we solve this UFO sighting or is it just a case of highlighting the importance of reporting UFO sightings?

  • Is it entertainment or is it serious research?
  • Should Ufology stay niche or should it be opened up to the mainstream media?

Mainstream media and UFOs

Did you agree with the mainstream media outlets talking about Ufology specifically the 3 UFOs shot down like they've been a supporter of the genre for years? When in fact it's this same mainstream media that coined the phrase "tinfoil hat" or all the other derogatory terminology that goes with UFO sightings. Because I'll be honest with you, it felt like I was been manipulated by them. It felt like they were jumping on the bandwagon and commenting on stuff they don't know anything about. We do know however that they are well-versed in ridiculing anyone who believes in Aliens!

As strange as it sounds I felt protective about it, I can only put it down to be because I've been writing about UFOs since I can remember so to see the very people who mocked us, belittled and humiliated us and anyone else who filmed a genuine UFO... yes you bet I felt protective.

"They picked it up fast and dropped it just as fast."

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Was it genuine and sincere, maybe it was? The publicity was great for Ufology as a whole and no doubt that there are more believers now than before the 3 UFOs were shot down.

US Government

It is also a reminder that we should keep our eyes open and be aware of our surroundings. 3 UFOs being shot down doesn't happen every week, it was unprecedented just like every single UFO sighting that is genuine. They're all just as important as each other and at the end of the day if the US Government doesn't know where they're from, but they know that they are real, that means they're here without our consent, ignoring our attempts to communicate with them and we're shooting them down.

Not a good recipe at all

This UFO sighting is sure to be talked about for a while (I hope). It is an exciting and mysterious event that has sparked my imagination of myself and probably the eye witness because of how Alien it looks which bit does look, Alien. It doesn't look like anything in the Air Force's arsenal put it that way. Who knows what else is out there in the universe waiting to be discovered?

8 suspicious radio signals

Just recently 8 new very suspicious radio signals have been detected in space which was discovered by using AI. It was featured on the New Atlas website. This is an exciting time for those who believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Credit: New Atlas/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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