5 UFOs In A Row Filmed Over Tampa Florida USA

A family from Tampa, Florida contacted me via Instagram DMs about a UFO sighting they had recorded.

They witnessed five UFOs hovering over the water in a row on December 5th, 2020.

5 white UFO Orbs over Tampa FL USA 5th December 2020.

The 5 white UFO Orbs over Tampa FL USA.

5 UFOs in a row over St Pete Beach Tampa FL USA 2020.

The sighting was captured during a picturesque sunset, making it one of the most impressive videos of its kind.


The family's video shows clear footage of the UFOs hovering over the water, with no visible explanation for their presence. The objects appeared to be stationary for a few minutes before disappearing. The family was left in awe of the sighting and unsure of what they had just witnessed.

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We can hear in the video one lady saying they're all in a row and another lady speculating if it's a meteor. It's certainly not helicopters or flares, and it's too far away to be drones.

Witness statement:

My fiancée recorded this on Dec 5th, 2020, on Saint Pete Beach near Tampa, Florida. They start in a scattered formation and then form into a straight line.

This UFO sighting in Tampa, Florida, USA, is just one of many reported UFO sightings around the world. People are filming more and more UFO sightings than ever before, and I'm being sent so many recorded UFO events that I can personally tell you that UFOs are real and they're on the rise. No pun intended.

While there may be no concrete explanation for these sightings, they continue to intrigue and captivate people's imaginations. I'm constantly being reminded about this impressive genre daily. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to start writing about UFOs and learning more about them.


There must be life elsewhere in the universe, and if we look at our efforts to make contact with extraterrestrial life in space with various satellites and probes that we've sent out into deep space. Then it stands to reason that other species in space, if they're out there (of course they are), are following the same line of events, i.e., sending out probes and objects or crafts.

Where are they in their technological capabilities, and could they already have a foothold on this Earth... Just look at the evidence around you, and if you are one of the lucky people that has seen or recorded a spectacular UFO sighting, then you'll already have the answer to that.

Guy, please share your thoughts on this because it's one of the best UFO sightings I've ever had the pleasure of being sent by the people who filmed it. And please don't forget to share this post, thanks.{alertSuccess}

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