Strange Video Shows A UFO Vertically Take Off California

A strange sight was witnessed as a UFO flew horizontally like an aeroplane before bursting into flames and taking off vertically.

UFO takes off vertical which is unheard of in California US in 2018.

There's no telltale plume behind the UFO so what the hell is this, nothing can stop and turn in the sky just like that.

Despite being on timelapse, the sudden change in direction and acceleration was noticeable. It is unclear what caused this phenomenon, as it is unlikely to be a plane launching a rocket, as nothing continued after the vertical launch.


The UFO's (and it is a UFO) behaviour was unexpected and left many questions unanswered, it still does. Seeing the object fly like a plane before suddenly changing direction (on a dime) and accelerating vertically is not possible. It just doesn't work like that in the sky because of the forces of nature, gravity, aerodynamics and a little thing called physics!

It could be something and yet it could be nothing...

I'm hoping that some super-educated and insightful person out there can tell us in the comments section just why this is possible. I've looked up 2018 possible suspects like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo but they all do not have this profile of taking off and stopping on a dime and then vanishing.

Photographer Joaquin Baldwin captured this spectacular image of SpaceX's Falcon 9 first stage returning to Earth.

Photographer Joaquin Baldwin captured this photo of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch and subsequent landing at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on October 7th 2018 the closest-looking event to the eyewitness UFO sighting. Note; it looks nothing like it.

Witness statement:

This was taken in 2018 in California high desert, but I started recording the object on the left side of the screen moving wired, I had it on Timelapse and fell asleep when I woke up I watched the whole vid and saw what looks to be a plane flying horizontally on the right side then turn vertical in mid-air and shoot a rocket and go into space, it’s recorded at 30 fps so you can imagine how slow it was in real-time, iPhone 6s.

The streak at the top right is the Falcon 9 first stage returning to Earth and you'll see that there's no vertical or straight line should I say about these "visible streaks" You'll also note the UFO in the video doesn't leave any streaking behind it. Does that mean the UFO is not using a traditional propellant or something else entirely?

The flames that erupted before the vertical launch adds to the bizarreness and mysteriousness of the whole event. It is unclear what the object was or where it went after the vertical launch. Did it even separate into 2 UFOs as we'd expect to see objects moving apart from each other and why did it just stop and turn upwards and fly straight up? That's what it looks like.


The incident has left many (myself included) wondering about the existence of extraterrestrial life and the possibility of UFOs. The sudden and unexplained behaviour of the object has added to the intrigue and mystery surrounding the Cali Desert UFO event. The incident is still unclear, and more information is needed to come to some sort of understanding of what happened here.

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Credit: Art Vandelay/Space/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Wow very cool. Where in Cal. is this in the vicinity of a base?

  2. Yes it’s in phelan there are bases and lockead Martin skunkworks nearby I’m told

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