A White UFO The Shape Of A Large Cylinder Caught On Camera

In October of 2020, a white cylindrical UFO was spotted over the USA. The shape was straight and resembled a ruler.

It is not believed to be a Starlink satellite as the gaps between each satellite are noticeable even from Earth.

This is a great white Cylinder Shape UFO sighting photographed over the USA 2020.

Below is a real Starlink satellite train.

There's a lot of Starlink satellites in orbit here's the image of it.

There's a big difference between cigar or cylinder shape UFOs and Starlink satellite train's.

In this 2020 remarkable UFO sighting which I believe took place in the USA we can see something very different. The UFO was a white cylindrical shape, straight as a ruler. It was not a Starlink satellite trai as those have noticeable gaps between them even from Earth it's very noticeable.

Eyewitness accounts can't figure out if it's Starlink or ET?

Witness statement sent to me through Instagram DMs:

Would you consider this starlink or ET?


That's literally all that was said with no other information.

The UFO was hovering in the sky for a few minutes before disappearing. The object was silent and did not emit any light or sound.

  • In October 2020, a white cylindrical shaped UFO was spotted in the skies over the USA.
  • The UFO was as straight as a ruler and did not have any noticeable gaps between its shape.
  • Based on its appearance, it was determined that the UFO was not a Starlink satellite.
  • The sighting of this UFO was a fantastic occurrence that left the witness in awe.

Despite attempts to identify the UFO, no explanation has been found. The incident has sparked curiosity and speculation among UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike. I'm definitely including in that list.

The difference between the Starlink trains and a cigar shape UFO (cylinder) is plain to see. Guy's, 

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