Flying Disk Filmed In 2022 Is Evidence Of UFOs Over Asia

On April 24th, 2022, a glowing orange disk was spotted hovering in the skies above Bangkok, Thailand.

Orange glowing UFO disk filmed over Bangkok in 2022.

Glowing disk over Bangkok Thailand in 2022.

This UFO video has been making waves across the internet and rightly so, leaving many people fascinated by the possibility of extraterrestrial life and this one's different from what has been filmed before.


The video was captured by a resident Bradley BankDad who noticed the strange object in the sky and began filming. As the camera zoomed in, the disk-shaped object became clearer and more defined, with no visible signs of faults or glitches like what would be expected from CGI or animation.

This just might be the one but what are the chances of winning the universal UFO lottery?

The universal UFO lottery is any human being that catches the first real UFO which becomes accepted as the first real UFO belonging to Extraterrestrial life. So what are the chances that this is the number 1 Alien aerial vehicle?

Why not, why can't this be that one because we always knew innately (deep within us) that it's going to happen one day?

Experts in the field of UFO sightings have been analyzing this video and are unable to dismiss it as a hoax or explain it away as a conventional aircraft. Scott Waring himself states that "it's undeniable proof that UFOs are active in Asia".

UFOs are active everywhere!

This has led to an increase in speculation and interest in the possibility of intelligent life in the universe because if we are here on what is essentially a sphere of mud hence the name Earth then why not life elsewhere and life that's beyond anything like what we'd expect?

Some sceptics have suggested that the UFO could be a result of a secret military operation, but this theory has also been dismissed due to the lack of any known military aircraft with such capabilities.

And I have to agree.

We look at secret technology aircraft as stealthy, aerodynamic and with guns! But that's all based on us, on our needs, wants and demands but Extraterrestrial entities could be a lot more advanced than the caveman tendencies we have. They could put knowledge and information gathering above all things.

You cannot deny it and here's why:

UFOs do not shoot, UFOs do not attack human beings. We film UFOs but no UFO videos is showing them firing or taking people. None that is taken seriously anyways. Although abductions have been noted I must tell you that nothing has been proved into scientific fact. Read this PBS NOVA post for more in-depth research. Heck we've only just had UAP disclosure let alone 

The video was even aired on Amarintv, sparking even more interest in the UFO sighting. This is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating UFO sightings to date, with the video providing a rare glimpse into what might be happening beyond our world.

Eye witness statement:

Me and my boyfriend were in front of my house yesterday evening. I saw this in the sky around Wongswang. Normally, I have seen a star, it is not like this. In the clip, it is my boyfriend's voice. I looked with my bare eyes, it was flying higher than the clouds, with speed and size equal to a commercial plane.

Bradley BankDad 

In conclusion, the sighting of the glowing orange disk over Bangkok, Thailand, has left many people wondering about the existence of extraterrestrial life. With the increasing number of similar sightings across the world, we may be getting closer to unravelling this mystery and discovering the truth about what lies beyond our planet.

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Credit: Bradley BankDad/UFO Sightings Daily/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Looks like sun flashing off the body of an aeroplane. As the object comes out of the cloud, you can see the shape of the 'object', as the suns rays are obscured by the clouds.

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