Mass UFO Sighting Over 2 Towns Just Happened

Residents of a town called La Plata in Argentina came out to film 2 balls of fire and a white UFO Orb hovering in the night sky. Around 30 cyclists from Ensenada 20 mile's away also stopped to film the bizarre phenomena.

Mass UFO sighting over 2 towns in Argentina May 2023.

The towns are separated by 20 miles, one called La Plata and the other Ensenada. This only just happened 2 days ago on the 9th of May 2023. They witnessed what appeared to be two "fireballs in the sky" which is how they're both being referred to.


But because of the white UFO Orb that's underneath the fireballs, (they're UFOs in my view) does it make this a phenomenon? It had around 30 witnesses that I can see in the video from Ensenada (the cyclists) and multiple witnesses in La Plata the town 20 mile's away. It is mind-blowing to think that many people witnessed this strange phenomenon all at once.

Reddit where it was originally shared states it was witnessed by thousands of people who can attest to it. That's not even mentioning the people who saw this but haven't come forward.

Submission report on Reddit:

Recently at night, two bright lights were to be seen in La Plata city in Argentina, thousands of people congregated to attest to it, and it even caught media attention. We still aren't sure what it was or why it happened. It was surreal.


Its integrity looks good as far as it has happened because of multiple sources and witnesses. That's an amazing piece of information about this. It was filmed in 2 towns by different people, that's an exceptional piece of information about this UFO sighting which lends to its credibility. There are multiple videos of this as well just looking up the screenshot I took of the UFO sighting in Google Lens.

Think Tank on Twitter is calling this a mass UFO sighting! The comments on their feed are especially enlightening as one person suspects it's part of a defence system.

It only just happened last Tuesday 9th May 2023 a couple of days ago. It's been labelled as balls of fire. I can see why people are saying that but the white UFO Orb underneath the "balls of fire" means this is either a multiple UFO sighting or a type of phenomenon.

One of the comments on Reddit states that it could be a refinery which is so bizarre unless it's located on the clouds...

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Credit: Lanacion/Reddit/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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