Witness Catches Tic Tac UFO While On Vacation In Miami

I had the pleasure of receiving a UFO sighting report from a man who witnessed a white Tic Tac shaped UFO from his hotel room balcony in 2019.

The eye witness took a photo from his hotel room and photographed a Tic Tac shaped UFO in 2019 Miami.

Thunderstorm in Miami FL 2019 day before the Tic Tac shaped UFO appeared.

The sighting occurred just a day after a massive thunderstorm and he even had vivid memories about it not long ago prompting him to look at the photos again and he saw the UFO. Upon checking his photos, he discovered a UFO in one of them which is all kinds of bizarre. I must mention that this is one of the more interesting UFO stories I've heard in Ufology. Fantastic.

The witness provided clear and detailed information about his experience, including the location of the sighting. His vivid recent memory about the event adds an intriguing layer to the story. It's not often that we receive reports of people having vivid memories about past events and checking the evidence from year's before and discovering a UFO sighting. That's most peculiar as if his subconscious mind alerted him to the UFO or he remembers but not at the forefront of his mind.

As for the photo evidence, I have personally examined the image and can confirm that there is indeed a UFO present a white Tic Tac shaped object. The witness's account and the photo evidence together make for a compelling case.

Overall, I am grateful to have received this report and commend the witness for coming forward with their experience. It's important that we continue to document and investigate these sightings in order to better understand the phenomenon.

A day before the white UFO sighting in Miami FL in 2019.

I really appreciate the photos for what they are anyways because they show the thunderstorm and Miami FL in a great way.

Eye witness statement:


Hi, my name is (source provided), I am telling you that in 2019 in Miami I took some photos of the view from my hotel, photos that I am sending you for your analysis, since when you are on vacation you take many photos, but a few days ago they came out as a memory and when you analyze them you see a hairline that caught my attention, when I enlarged it apparently It's a UFO, I'm sending it to you for your analysis. That day before the photos, a storm hit us, so we went up to the room and I accidentally took those images, since I wanted to take the view we had.


Hola mi nombre es (fuente proporcionada), les cuento que en el 2019 en Miami tome unas fotos de la vista desde mi hotel, fotos que les mando para su analisis, ya que cuando estas de vacaciones tomas muchas fotos , pero hace unos dias me salieron como recuerdo y al analizarlos se ve una rayita que me llamo la atencion, al agrandarla al parecer es un ovni, te lo mando para tu analisis. Ese día antes de las fotos, nos golpeó una tormenta, así que subimos a la habitación y sin querer tomé esas imágenes, ya que quería tomar la vista que teníamos.

I have asked for his permission to use his name but the witness hasn't got back to me yet so I have removed his name from the witnesses statement until I have permission to use his name as is the right thing to do.

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Credit: Source Supplied/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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