Silver Metallic UFO Sphere Hovering Over Portsmouth UK

On 5th June (today) 2023, a witness in Portsmouth, UK captured a video of a silver sphere hovering over the city.

UFO witness Dominic Joyce filmed a silver sphere over Portsmouth UK.

Portsmouth is a large Naval city with a huge Naval base and home to many Royal Navy ships. The UFO's unusual behaviour of just hovering instead of gliding away in the wind has raised questions about its origin and purpose. I'm raising the questions because that's not normal in any way, shape or form!


The silver Orb's bizarre appearance has left me and others wondering what it could be.

The video footage of the silver sphere will probably cause a stir among the locals and UFO enthusiasts alike because of the massive military connection that exists now between UAPs and the declassified silver Orb videos just recently.

The object's ability to remain stationary in the air has added to its mystery because helium-filled balloons do not sit in the sky looking like it's got an invisible anchor. No pun intended.

As Portsmouth is a military city, some are going to speculate that the sphere could be a new type of military technology. However, there is currently no official explanation for the object's presence as it just happened this morning at 7:39 am precisely.

The sighting of the silver sphere (Orb) in Portsmouth should spark interest in the wider UFO community because these are not only regularly being filmed but these are creeping around sensitive areas too. The unusual behaviour and appearance of the object have left many questioning its origin and purpose like what the hell does it want, where did it appear from and where is it now? I'm talking about right now it must be somewhere, right? As of now, the identity of the silver sphere remains a mystery.

Is it a hoax, maybe because as of right now nothing is ruled out. But so too this could be a top-secret piece of military tech. Equally, it might be a balloon... We just don't know enough or anything to be frank about this right now. Hopefully given enough time though and interest we might get some answers and as soon as I get the answers I'll update this post, thanks.

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Credit: Dominic Joyce/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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