Whistleblower Claims Lasers Communicate With Interstellar Crafts

On June 17, 18 and 19, 2023, a massive green laser was observed shooting up into space from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station.

The video just below shows directed energy weapons and the video at the bottom shows Mark Esper (Dept. of Defense Secretary) confirming China and Russia have them in space!

South Pole Station using green laser for communication in space.

The laser-type light is believed to be a Lidar used for long-range communication, according to Eric Hecker, who worked at the south pole base which was created in 2010 to 2011.

Video 1

The green laser has been photographed on multiple occasions taken from the live webcam as seen in the provided links.

Please make sure you read the video (above) description on YouTube it's mind blowing if it's true.

The possibility of the instrument being used to communicate with interstellar crafts, such as the secret space fleet operated by humans, cannot be ruled out. The green lidar laser (officially LiDAR laser) has been observed on different days, indicating its frequent use for communication purposes.

Further investigation is required to determine the exact purpose and nature of the green lasers real purpose and its potential implications for interstellar communication.

This is going off from what the whistleblower has stated. If you read my posts you'll know that I believe that it's very hard for me to believe a whistleblower especially when there's no evidence provided. They've effectively whistleblown and betrayed someone usually a country and we're expected to believe them.

Evidence is King as far as I'm concerned and words are just well, words.

But on the other hand I know that it takes courage not bravery to come forward especially when in many circumstances it's their career on the line so it's a difficult choice to make which is why I insist on evidence being King. Without it it almost looks like they've got nothing to lose anyway. Almost like a last ditch attempt at something nefarious.

Who knows what the motive is for a whistleblower really to come forward? It's supposed to be for the right reasons.

Is this green laser or Lidar as it's officially known as really an atmospheric measuring or studying device laser or is it a communication system that's been in place for a very long time?

Okay let's answer that with a question. Where would you put a communication hub for your space fleet and which is also a power station and an air traffic control station that monitors all interstellar crafts? Your shed? Your garage?

The South Pole is perfect for that and more. Whatever else they get up to in the facility will probably come out given enough time and whistleblowers. Check out this post from UFO Sightings Hotspot because they've written a post about it also. They've mistakingly put the dates as the 17th June 2023 for both images but if you look at the date and time stamp in the top left corner on both their images you'll see the first is the 17th and the next is the 18th.

The image from Hal Turner Radio Show post is from the 19th June 2023.

OMG after a bit more research I've come across what I thought must be bonkers but I'll be damned, this is insane. Check out the information contained in this video about DEW or directed energy weapons in space used by China and Russia.


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Credit: Dutchsinse YouTube/UFO Sightings Hotspot/Hal Turner Radio Show/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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