UFO Sighting Next To SpaceX Rocket

In May 2023, during a SpaceX rocket launch, a diamond-shaped UFO was caught on camera flying past the landing gear. It was sent to me by a viewer.

Diamond UFO turned up to the SpaceX rocket May 2023.

The SpaceX rocket launch in May 2023 had a diamond UFO turn up.

The sighting occurred on Monday 29th May at approximately 8 pm. The footage is clear and provides a rare glimpse of something that shouldn't be near a rocket launch.

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The UFO or debris (whatever it is) appears to be diamond-shaped and moves quickly past the landing gear even though it was only caught on the left screen. I've asked for the video from the witness who managed to take screenshots of the UFO as it happened. I managed to get the SpaceX launch video myself and analyse it. To me it looks like debris but clearly to some people it is a UFO and that's why I am writing this post so we can get a debate going and see in the comments section what people think this is?

The photos are of a high quality and provides a clear view of the object it just doesn't show the entire picture of it moving and how it came to be there as it looks in the photos. That's why I am saying it's a piece of debris that has come away from the rocket which in itself should not have come loose so that's why I am saying either way it shouldn't be there. This sighting is significant as it is rare to capture any UFO in such proximity to a rocket launch. Between 29:30 and 29:40 is where you will see the space anomaly.


While the origins and nature of the UFO remain unknown, this sighting provides valuable footage for further analysis. The clear footage captured during the June 2023 SpaceX rocket launch will undoubtedly be studied by UFO enthusiasts and experts alike.


  • On Monday 29th May 2023 at approximately 8 pm, a diamond-shaped UFO was captured on camera flying past the landing gear during a SpaceX rocket launch.
  • The footage provides a clear view of the UFO, which is a rare occurrence near a rocket launch.
  • The UFO sighting has caused quite a stir among the scientific community and UFO enthusiasts.
  • Is it debris or a UFO.

The SpaceX diamond shape UFO was caught on camera flying right past the landing gear but above the thrusters which as we know that would eject anything coming from the rocket downward and we wouldn't be able to see it. It's about as clear as it's ever going to be.

I was contacted through Instagram DMs and it's got to be one of the best SpaceX rocket UFOs to date. If you've got any UFO sighting's that you think people should see them please get in touch with me through Instagram or use the contact us page here.

This only happened within the last couple of weeks which is June 2023 for people reading this in the future. The future where cars will fly.

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The SpaceX rocket launches always attract UFOs and believe it or not you can pretty much set your watch by them. Something bizarre or unexplainable always emerges on the live feed.

The witness who saw this I believe checks the footage now and again for such things and regularly discovers something that shouldn't be there.

Witness statement:

The object looked like it was coming up to meet the booster from the earth then at the last second it veered to the left of the screen and disappeared.

Date of sighting: Monday 29th May.

Time: 8 pm (ish)

There you have it guys straight from the guy who saw this on the live feed. I've not seen it anywhere else posted so this is a unique UFO sighting. Even if it's above your head or 2 thousand miles away, if you see a UFO (live TV or webcam) please share it with me and we can ask the people who stop by my site and gain insight from the huge resources of the combined readers.

You just can't beat that kind of insight especially when you guys like nothing more than pointing out the things we miss. Timelines, that's what we need to establish. Where did it come from and where did it go? That's why the time and date and place are crucial. Historical purposes will benefit from the insight when researchers in the future determine how spot-on we were.

Credit: Charles Martin/SpaceX/UFO News/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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