UFO Sighting Near Skinwalker Ranch Or Deliberate Hoax

The mysterious and legendary Skinwalker Ranch has once again become the focal point of a jaw-dropping UFO encounter.

A deliberate hoaxed UFO sighting near Skin Walker Ranch in Ballard, Utah.

This is a UFO hoax by people near Skin Walker Ranch Ballard Utah USA.

Let's get into it.

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Recently, an eyewitness captured an extraordinary video showcasing a UFO in the shape of a triangle (eventually changing its shape) adorned with three illuminated white orbs. But is it all it seems to be...


In this exclusive report, I'll delve into the details of this supposed otherworldly sighting, and its connection to Skinwalker Ranch, and eagerly anticipate additional information from the witness to shed light on this perplexing event. Is it a hoax because it looks like someone in a field has released this probably tied to string to keep it in the air to look like it's hovering? I know that context is everything so I've asked the eyewitness to clarify the UFO sighting as he sent it to me just yesterday through Instagram in multiple videos because of the upload limit on Instagram attachments. Sent Monday 28th August 2023.

The Bizarre Eye-witness Account:

While driving near Skinwalker Ranch, we can see that the witnesses found themselves in the midst of a peculiar and unforgettable (probably fake) UFO encounter taking place. According to their description, it happened near Skin Walker Ranch and this is the original video. In the video we can see a light shoot up into the air, it was seen tracing a path of radiant luminescence.

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Suddenly, the light halted, transforming into an almost ethereal cloud of smoke still lit up as well. As the spectacle continued, the object ascended further, transmuting into the distinct shape of a triangle, embellished by three luminous orbs at each of the corners. The sheer strangeness of this phenomenon captures the imagination and leaves us yearning for more information like is it real taking into account the possibility of a person in the field right at the location the UFO started from. The fact that this happened over time instead of it being a triangle-shaped UFO from the outset just hovering makes this one of the most bizarre shape-shifting or changing UFOs that I've seen in a long time but is it real. It's that strange I think I'm not doing it any Justice by only pointing out what happened but as you can see that's all there is to go off at this point. We have no context and I've asked for it so hopefully we get some information. Until the witness gets back to me with clarification and context, especially regarding the apparent people at the beginning of the video in the field which I'll admit looks very suspicious we can only speculate and I will update this post as soon as I get all the relevant info. I need your expertise on this UFO sighting guys. Real or fake, I'm going with it being a hoax.

Connection to Skinwalker Ranch:

Skinwalker Ranch, renowned for its history of paranormal activities, has long been associated with unexplained phenomena. UFO sightings, strange creature encounters, and inexplicable occurrences have made Skinwalker Ranch a hotspot for researchers and enthusiasts alike. The proximity of this recent UFO encounter to the infamous ranch adds an intriguing layer to the mystery, fueling speculation about the nature and origin of these sightings.

Awaiting Further Details:

As my investigation continues, I'll have to wait eagerly and anticipate receiving additional information from the eyewitness. It's the context I'm waiting for because we need the eyewitness statement to shed light on this like where it might have gone or what if any sounds he hears. Their insight holds the potential to provide valuable context, geographical specifics, and perhaps even personal interpretations of this enthralling event. Stay tuned for updates as I strive to unravel the enigma surrounding this astonishing UFO sighting near Skinwalker Ranch. I have pointed out that it seems like there are people at the beginning of the video possibly releasing a balloon or something else creating the shape and strange events that have unfolded in the video. If this is a hoax then the eyewitness has caught the hoaxers in the act and that is truly fantastic because these hoaxers need to be outed for making fake UFO sightings. And I thank the eyewitness for shedding light on this strange event and thank you for sharing the UFO video footage.

Exploring the Unexplained:

While the video footage undoubtedly displays an extraordinary event, it is paramount to approach the subject of UFO encounters with a healthy dose of scepticism. It's a tried and tested method that stands the test of time. Numerous terrestrial, atmospheric, and even psychological factors can influence the perception and interpretation of such sightings. Scientific analysis and rigorous investigation are essential in discerning the truth behind these mysterious occurrences, especially over Skin Walker Ranch.

Join the Conversation:

I invite you to join the discussion and share your thoughts and theories related to this puzzling UFO encounter. Engage with fellow enthusiasts and contribute your insights in the comments section as we collectively explore the boundaries of the unknown. Through open dialogues, we foster a community dedicated to unravelling the intricate riddles posed by UFO phenomena. Crossing off UFO sightings is what it's all about as well because it narrows down the pool of UFO sightings and makes it easier to find the real answers.


The sighting of an eventual, gradual triangle-shaped UFO with three illuminated white colour Orbs near Skinwalker Ranch presents another perplexing enigma for UFO enthusiasts and investigators alike. Is it real or is it fake? You decide and please share your thoughts in the comments below. As we eagerly await additional information from the eyewitness, we are reminded of the allure and complexity surrounding these unexplained occurrences. With a balanced approach combining critical thinking and scientific analysis, we will move closer to unravelling the mysteries of our vast and enigmatic universe. Are we one step away from full ET disclosure or are we just as far away from ET disclosure as we ever have been? Only time will tell.

I know that you've got thoughts and opinions on this post and it will be brilliant to hear your opinions as this is Skin Walker Ranch which isn't every day that strange encounters happen there, or do they? Please comment on this post and if you don't mind sharing it I'd appreciate it, Thank you so much.{alertSuccess}

Credit: Name Supplied/UFO Sightings Footage/Ufosfootage/UFO Sightings UK/Canva.

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