Fire Chief Captures Angel On CCTV Above Truck At Home

An extraordinary apparition was caught on CCTV. It was on a local Fire Chief's home security system and it was an Angel encounter that astounded the local community.

Local fire chief home CCTV caught an Angel apparition Michigan.

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In a remarkable incident that had left residents in Michigan, USA, utterly amazed, a local fire chief named Glen Thorman inadvertently captured what appeared to be a celestial being on his home's motion sensor security camera.


The astonishing footage happened in mid May of 2018 and showcases an apparition resembling an Angel hovering above their truck, leaving no room for doubt among witnesses about the supernatural phenomenon witnessed. What do you believe and is it an Angel or an insect as some are claiming?

Unexpected Discovery:

While reviewing the security camera footage, Glen Thorman and his wife were astounded to witness an ethereal figure gracefully floating near their vehicle. Overwhelmed by the inexplicable occurrence, the couple shared the footage, affirming their sincerity and legitimate astonishment. Their intent was not to deceive but rather to share their awe-inspiring experience with the world.

Media Spotlight and Expert Insights:

News of this unprecedented incident spread like wildfire, eventually catching the attention of Martha MacCallum's Fox News TV show. The Thorman family were invited to recount their experience and present the remarkable footage to a broader audience. During the segment, Pastor Don Piper, a seasoned observer, provided his expert analysis, lending further credibility to the inexplicable event.

Analyzing the Footage:

In the footage, the otherworldly apparition is seen manifesting on the right side of the couple's truck. The Angel-like figure moves gracefully, evoking feelings of awe, wonder, and a reaffirmation of faith for those who witnessed it. This extraordinary spectacle has ignited discussions within the community, with some regarding it as unequivocal evidence of the existence of Angels.

Belief Affirming Encounter:

The captured footage has struck a chord with individuals seeking validation for their belief in the divine. Sceptics have also found themselves questioning the apparent authenticity of the video, intrigued by the absence of plausible explanations. This extraordinary encounter has undeniably left a profound impact not only on the Thorman family but also on the broader community, opening minds to the possibility of an unseen realm intersecting with our own.


The Thorman family's accidental capture of an Angel-like figure on their home's security camera has captivated both local and national audiences. With expert analysis corroborating their account, the incident has unveiled a fascinating discussion about the existence of supernatural entities. This extraordinary encounter serves as a reminder that the universe, despite its countless mysteries, continues to invite us to explore its uncharted territories, fostering a renewed sense of awe and curiosity.

Video description:

Has one photo captured a miracle of spiritual proportions? The image shows a glowing silhouette hovering above a pickup truck in Michigan. Local Fire Chief Glen Thorman says his home's motion sensor security camera snapped the photo last week. A second image shows the "angel" appearing to fly away. "I was just like, 'Woah!' I thought, 'That's an angel!" he told Inside Edition. His wife, Rhonda, is taking it as a sign that her home is blessed. "We're just strong believers," she said.

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Credit: Inside Edition/Fox News/Sarah Macullum/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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