Is UFO Using Cloaking Technology Disappears And Reappears

Are we seeing a UFO incident over Poland that seems to be struggling between invisibility and visibility?

UFO over Poland using cloaking technology.

Poland UFO sighting struggles to stay in this reality.

Let's get into it.

On the eventful date of 6th March 2022, at 17:00hrs an intriguing UFO sighting unfolded over Poland, capturing the attention of residents specifically Mr Miroslaw Michal Witek.


The witness along with his friend, residing in a housing complex, managed to capture a mesmerizing video from the comfort of his living room, showcasing a mysterious object manoeuvring in the sky above the neighbouring complex. The footage reveals a peculiar occurrence, as the unidentified object seemed to struggle between maintaining its stealthy cloak or becoming visible once again.

The first UFO had a distinct cigar-like tube shape to it which was just underneath the object that seemed to be struggling to keep its ever-changing shape in this reality. Just above the cigar-shaped object, this rounded UFO presented a perplexing spectacle, adding to the growing number of reported sightings throughout Poland.

The UFO's Uncanny Transformation:

The video footage offers a truly remarkable glimpse into the peculiar characteristics of this unidentified flying object. One of the most striking features is the presence of a cigar-like tube located beneath the craft, adding an unusual element to its overall appearance. While the object's shape intermittently changes, shifting between its rounded structure and enigmatic variations, it remains an enigma, leaving researchers and UFO enthusiasts fascinated by its capabilities. The cigar like UFO is located just towards the top of the flag pole which makes the flag pole look like a large cross. This cigar shape UFO doesn't have the same amount of problems keeping in this reality as the other one does.

Invisibility vs. Visibility: Unraveling the Mystery:

The primary focus of this UFO sighting lies in the struggle between invisibility and visibility that the object seems to endure. The footage captures instances where the craft appears to flicker in and out of visibility, suggesting a battle either to maintain its cloaked state or to expose itself to human observation. Such behaviours don't usually happen in broad daylight or night time come to think about it. It's not something that we regularly get to witness anywhere.

UFO Sightings in Poland: A Growing Trend:

This recent sighting is just one in a series of UFO encounters reported across Poland in recent times. The country has witnessed a surge in UFO sightings, intriguing and captivating individuals from various backgrounds. Witnesses continue to emerge with footage and testimonials, sharing their experiences and contributing to an ever-expanding field of research. As more individuals come forward with their encounters, the phenomenon gains momentum, shedding new light on the existence of unidentified flying objects within Poland's skies.

Significance of the Witness's Video:

The video captured by the eyewitness stands as a remarkable piece of evidence, allowing for closer analysis and scrutiny by experts. Its authenticity and the clarity of the footage offer a rare opportunity to delve deeper into the perplexing world of UFOs. As researchers and UFO enthusiasts will no doubt dissect the footage frame by frame, they (like me) will struggle to unveil the true nature of the craft and its intentions. Even though there are what appear to be two crafts we don't know what they're doing or where they came from. We have the date as 6th March 2022 at 5 pm.

UFO Sightings: Inspiring Curiosity and Exploration:

The Poland UFO sighting of 6th March 2022 sparks a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity within the field of ufology. Such moments remind us that the universe holds countless mysteries awaiting discovery. It is through these remarkable encounters that we are compelled to explore beyond the confines of our world, seeking answers to age-old questions about extraterrestrial life and advanced technologies.


The UFO sighting that transpired over Poland on 6th March 2022 captures a mysterious craft struggling between visibility and invisibility. With its wingman (so-to-speak) or whatever it was accompanying the UFO which was struggling to stay cloaked that makes this a possible double UFO sighting. The distinct cigar-like tube and the ever-changing shapes of the UFO above it, this more rounded UFO astounded witnesses then and will astound researchers alike now. The witness's (Miroslaw Michal Witek) video provides valuable evidence for further examination, contributing to the growing body of UFO encounters reported across Poland and inspiring a deeper exploration of the unknown. As fascination surrounding this phenomenon continues to mount, humanity's perpetual pursuit of understanding the secrets of the universe persists, driven by the ceaseless desire to comprehend the enigmatic nature of UFOs.

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