Aircraft Filmed Changing Into A Halo Over Australia

An astonishing anomaly: A shape-shifting aircraft discovered in recent footage over Gold Coast, Australia in 2022.

Strange aeroplane anomaly over Gold Coast Australia plane disappeared.

Let's get into it.

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In the ever-expanding universe of unexplained sightings, an astonishing video has emerged, capturing an extraordinary event in the skies.


Just last year, an aeroplane caught on film defied all logical explanation when it underwent a perplexing metamorphosis, transforming from its original form into a complete halo shape, emitting an eerie greenish glow. After a brief period of observation, the enigmatic aircraft seemingly vanished into thin air, leaving the observers astounded and raising profound questions about the nature of this baffling anomaly.

Join me as I dissect this remarkable footage and unveil the mysterious elements within.

Unveiling the Bizarre:

The video, submitted to the esteemed UFO Sightings Footage Facebook group, depicts an aeroplane in flight, representing a common occurrence that is typically unremarkable. However, what transpires next is anything but ordinary. As the camera focuses on the aircraft, an inexplicable transformation occurs, defying all known laws of aviation. The aeroplane tactically alters its entire shape, assuming the form of a complete halo with a greenish hue surrounding it. This uncanny spectacle challenges our understanding of normal modulations in aircraft appearance, sparking curiosity about the forces that govern our skies.

Video description:

A couple of weeks my neighbour a few houses down along with his young daughter witnessed an unusual object moving over their house. My neighbour grabbed his phone to get a video of it and managed to capture the object moving away and disappearing into or leaving behind a halo or ring. I would be interested in what you and others think of this video.

Astonishment at the Unknown:

The sudden and drastic alteration of the aeroplane's structure leaves onlookers in disbelief, with numerous theories and speculations that will no doubt emerge as potential explanations. Does this perplexing phenomenon hint at an advanced stealth technology employed by military aircraft, allowing them to change their shape to evade detection? Could it be a result of an optical illusion created by lighting conditions and atmospheric interplay? Or should we entertain the extraordinary possibility that this sighting captures a genuine encounter with extraterrestrial technology wielding advanced shape-shifting capabilities?

Analyzing the Vanishing Act:

While the shape-shifting transformation alone is perplexing, the disappearance of the aircraft after a brief period heightens the intrigue. As the video concludes, the aircraft seems to dissipate, leaving no trace of its presence. This raises significant questions about its origin and destination. Could this sudden vanishing act be attributed to advanced stealth technologies, rendering the aircraft invisible to the naked eye? Alternatively, does this suggest teleportation-like abilities, propelling the aircraft to a different dimension or realm? The vanishing act opens up a realm of possibilities, challenging our perception of the boundaries of aviation. I've contacted the person who posted this video to the Facebook group for further information on this strange event so that the aeroplane can be figured out and we can go from there and get more solid answers. When I get it I'll update this post.

Seeking Verified Answers:

As we seek to unravel the mysteries within this fascinating footage, it is essential to approach our investigation with discernment and intellectual rigour. Exploring all plausible explanations and scrutinizing available evidence is crucial to formulating a reasoned and comprehensive understanding of the events captured. While speculation fuels our curiosity, and believe me it will facts and scientific inquiry must be the guiding beacons on this journey of discovery.

The Quest for Answers:

The filmed anomaly of the shape-shifting aeroplane presents a compelling enigma, captivating the imaginations of those who dare to question conventional understanding. Whether the transformation and subsequent disappearance can be attributed to human technological advancements or whether it signals an encounter with extraterrestrial capabilities remains to be determined. As with all unexplained mysteries, the search for answers requires an open mind, rigorous analysis, and a willingness to explore the seemingly impossible. There's been speculation about the missing aircraft MH370 which was supposed to have been filmed with UFOs around it and it disappeared.

Concluding Thoughts:

The astonishing footage capturing a mundane aeroplane metamorphosing into a complete halo shape before vanishing challenges our perceptions and understanding of the world. As we dive deeper into the realm of the unknown, it becomes clear that this anomaly raises more questions than answers. With curiosity as our compass and scientific inquiry as our guide, we embark on a quest to shed light on the enigma surrounding this shape-shifting aircraft phenomenon.


According to the witness it was about 4pm on 11/04/22 above his house near the Gold Coast, Wake Park in Oxenford, Australia. His daughter, the little girl heard in the video saw it first, she pointed it out and he looked up, staring at it trying to figure out what it was then tried to pull his phone out to record it, it disappeared for a bit then appeared when the sun hit it on a certain angle, which is when you could see it in the video.

As soon as I get the info regarding this strange event I'll update this post like I've said and we can hopefully get some answers. In the meantime share your thoughts on this post and please feel free to share this post, thanks.

Credit: Source Supplied/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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