NASA Own Photo Shows The Largest Unknown Spaceship YET

In the huge expanse of the cosmos, a tale has been woven around a celestial object known as the Black Knight Satellite or BKS depending on who is referring to it.

UFO right next to the Earth in NASA images.

Let's get into it.

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Is this an extraterrestrial satellite, and does it originate from the star system Epsilon Bootis, or Izar as it is commonly known?


The Black Knight Satellite Times Magazine:

The story of the Black Knight Satellite is shrouded in mystery and wonder. It was first brought to light in an article published by Time Magazine on April 9, 1973. The article titled "Message from a Star" detailed how a Scottish astronomer had deciphered a message initially discovered by two Norwegian physicists in the 1920s.

Decoding Extraterrestrial Messages:

The decoded message was supposedly a greeting from an alien civilization residing in the star system Epsilon Bootis. According to the report, these extraterrestrial beings had dispatched a satellite that traversed the 203 light-years separating Earth and their planet. This satellite was placed in a polar orbit around Earth and had been broadcasting its welcoming message for an astonishing 13,000 years. This enigmatic object was christened the Black Knight Satellite.

However, this captivating narrative was later retracted. The existence of the Black Knight Satellite was debunked apparently by the very agency looking for evidence of Extraterrestrial entities without capturing it or retrieving it or looking into it sufficiently.

Are We Alone in The Universe:

Are we to believe that we are all alone in the universe even after the US Government has acknowledged and released multiple UFO/UAP - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena videos of unknown origin crafts operating in our atmosphere? Yet it seems NASA can't get on board with this and continue to focus on water vapour on Mars possibly anywhere else! Slow walking through everything science has to offer is financially beneficial to NASA. All they're doing is taking money from the US Government and putting satellites into space for what, for whom and the money could be better spent on feeding the homeless? I'm biased because I see images like this one (STS 104 see the below link) and I think why haven't you investigated that one and why does the caption say "none" meaning no comment on behalf of NASA?

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Is this UFO the Black Knight Satellite:

Epsilon Bootis, or Izar, is renowned for being one of the most spectacular double-stars in the Constellation of the Herdsman (Bootes). Despite its obvious presence in Earth's orbit and its being in NASA's archives as STS-088 NASA stands firm on saying it's debris from earlier missions. It is only a "probable that it's debris mind you" from NASA and not a scientific fact as nobody has recovered it.

While it remains open to speculation that an intelligent species resides on a planet orbiting Izar’s binary star system, it’s fascinating to imagine such a possibility. Imagine living on a planet illuminated not only by a large orange-yellow sun but also accompanied by a smaller blue sun.

The Black Knight Satellite story serves as a testament to our collective curiosity and our yearning to understand our place in the cosmos. Whether or not there is any truth to this tale remains uncertain. Is it merely a conspiracy theory at this point with everyone having an opinion on it? Do we need to know the truth? Is NASA’s evidence or lack of evidence debunking its existence accurate or is there more to this story than meets the eye?


As we continue our journey of exploration and discovery, we remain hopeful that one day we might uncover definitive proof of extraterrestrial life. Until then, stories like that of the Black Knight Satellite will continue to fuel our imagination and our quest for understanding. NASA has footage like this and doesn't investigate it but why is that?

NASA footage shows a large UFO behind the Earth and doesn't investigate it.

An Upeeredr out from behind the Earth was caught on camera during the Shuttle mission STS 104 on January 19th, 2013. Is it the Black Knight Satellite as some people seem to think it is? Here's the link to the fascinating UFO in NASA's archives! NASA's image description or caption should I say would explain why thiswhy isn't there. It doesn't have an official answer to this otherwise it would be right there with the image to explain this. They can explain all the information regarding metadata to prove the image was taken in space but they cannot explain the contents.

I really would like your thoughts on all of this and why you think after a full decade since January 19 2013 there's still no explanation for this specific screenshot from NASA's video which is EOL/JSC/NASA/GOV.{alertSuccess}

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Credit: NASA/ Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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