Multiple UFO Phenomena Filmed Over Japan

Enigmatic Skies: A UFO or Sun Dog type phenomenon has been reported over Osaka, Japan driving East next to the Jurin Ji Temple.

Close up look at the UFO and Sun phenomena Japan.

The strange multiple UFO sighting over Japan.

Let's get into it.

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In a world full of unexplained events (day in, day out) and every mystery in between, some moments capture our imagination more than others, leaving us in awe of the unknown phenomena. Today, I'm going to delve into a peculiar sighting recently captured over Osaka in Japan - a video that documents a strange phenomenon resembling a variation of a Sun dog but with an unusual twist. Join me as I explore this captivating and possible multiple UFO event and I'll try to unravel the secrets hidden within the skies.

The Bizarre Sighting:

A video taken by an eyewitness (hosokawatakakuya33) on their way back from work travelling East next to the Jurin Ji Temple has surfaced on social media, triggering a wave of astonishment among viewers on various social media platforms. One of the accounts is Believersdelight. As the driver filmed the scene, the sun, visible as a vertical, elongated and with a deep orange colour. It had a rod or cigar-like shape appearance and appeared to be composed of multiple black smaller objects. I added captions to the video and translated what I could and the eyewitness described the sight as remarkable and out of the ordinary as he stated; "there's so many of them".

Parallel Experiences:

Interestingly, this sighting is not an isolated occurrence. Over the years, numerous videos and accounts of extraordinary phenomena in the skies have emerged from different parts of the world. From fast-moving lights to intricate formations, these events defy conventional explanations, inspiring both wonder and curiosity. Something is happening in the skies and I along with many different people are just asking a simple question "What is happening in our skies".

The Puzzle of UFOs:

The narrator's suggestion of there been so many of them raises the age-old question: Are we alone in the universe? UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, have fascinated humanity for decades, prompting endless speculation and inquiry. While many sightings can be attributed to natural or man-made phenomena, others remain perplexing, serving as catalysts for ongoing research into extraterrestrial life.

Solar Illusions: Unraveling the Mystery of Sun Dogs:

Sun dogs, also known as parhelia, are a well-documented atmospheric optical phenomenon that occurs when sunlight interacts with ice crystals in the atmosphere. They typically appear as bright spots or halos on either side of the sun. However, the sighting in this video appears to go beyond the typical sun dog phenomenon, with its unusual shape and composition also sees dark almost black spots which is probably what the witness filming and talking about is referring to.

Q&A: Unveiling More Insight

1. Are UFO sightings common?

UFO sightings occur worldwide regularly. While many have plausible explanations like misidentifications (SpaceX is one of the misidentifications) or atmospheric phenomena, some cases defy explanation, leaving room for speculation.

2. Can unusual atmospheric conditions create unique optical illusions?

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Yes, atmospheric conditions like ice crystals, fog, or pollution can create peculiar optical illusions, resulting in phenomena that appear otherworldly.

3. What do scientists say about UFOs?

Scientists approach UFO sightings with scepticism, emphasizing the need for evidence and rigorous investigation. Regardless of the United States Government's acknowledgement of UAPs scientists (who advised the US Government) remain sceptical of UFOs which is bizarre. While there are unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) that remain unexplained, scientific inquiry aims to find rational explanations rather than assuming extraterrestrial origins.

4. How can we explain the multiple objects in the video?

Several possibilities come to mind. It could be a rare atmospheric event involving a combination of ice crystals, sunlight, and particle concentrations, or perhaps an optical illusion created by camera artefacts or lens anomalies.


Mysteries abound when it comes to events witnessed in the skies. The video capturing the strange Sun dog-like phenomena in Japan adds another layer to the enigma surrounding UFO sightings, natural atmospheric illusions, and UAPs. As we continue to seek answers, let us remain open-minded, embracing the wonders of the unknown while patiently awaiting scientific investigations that may shed light on these captivating phenomena.

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Credit: Believersdelight Instagram/UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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