Unusual UFO Orb Miraculously Interacts with 747 Aircraft

Unusual UFO Orb Miraculously Interacts with 747 aircraft travelling at 747 speeds which is around 500 mph but the top speed for a 747 is about 570 miles per hour (mph), at least one flight topped out at 825 mph (see Popular Mechanics for that here.)

White UAP Orb following a 747 aircraft.

Let's take a look.

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In a weird turn of events, a video capturing an otherworldly encounter between a large white UFO Orb and a 747 aircraft has recently surfaced, leaving the online community buzzing with speculation and curiosity.


The footage depicts the sneaky Orb soaring near the aircraft, eventually intersecting with the aircraft's exhaust trail in a display of extraordinary manoeuvring. This bizarre interaction has sparked debate and intrigue, prompting much discussion among enthusiasts of unidentified aerial phenomena. It's one of those videos that makes me nod in agreement as I'm watching it. Unfortunately, there's no information on where this sighting took place but the video exits and that's all that matters at this time. I'll update this post as more info becomes available like I do with other videos.

Shape and UFO Colour:

The white spherical UFO Orb is visibly substantial in size if we compare it to the 747 aircraft. The Orb is mesmerizingly traversing the skies with an air of calculated precision and that tells me it's under intelligent control. But without any visible means of propulsion, It becomes a phenomenon or unexplained phenomenon as it's an event we do not have sufficient public knowledge of to identify it and neither does the US Government. The Orb passed by the aircraft but decided to track the aircraft's trajectory, the Orb maintains an unwavering velocity, seamlessly matching the 500 to 825 miles per hour speeds typically associated with a 747.

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The spectators were left awestruck as the enigmatic Orb seamlessly synchronised its movement with the colossal aircraft, painting a remarkable picture of an otherworldly phenomenon defying conventional understanding. People need to wake up and see what's going on within our atmosphere because it's not what it used to be like. We've got the US Government telling us that UFOs are real and it went over people's heads then just to ram it home the USAF shot down three UFOs and people are still watching Tok Tok videos of Cats playing the piano. I'd rather be researching the lies and the CGI that NASA's constantly putting out. Catching known liars in whoppers is my guiltiest pleasure. Exposing the hoaxes when possible but I'm only human and I tend to follow my instinct which isn't perfect but who's is, right?

Dimensional Crafts:

I believe that some UFOs particularly the white and silver Orbs are dimensional crafts. After years of researching USAF pilot's testimony and statements given to the researchers over years, it's clear that appearing from nowhere means from somewhere it came (Yoda). The recent Congress UFO hearings opened many people's eyes to what is going on especially the February 2023 UFOs that were shot down. Most if not all top UFO researchers and whistleblowers and appointed authority figures like former military intelligence officer David Grusch have mentioned UFOs that are in the Government's hands right now. Did you know that some UFOs are so large that buildings had to be built on top of them? Look it up it's intriguing stuff.

The US Government has acknowledged that UAPs exist, now they need to explain what entities built them. See, we cannot have a UFO without its creator because that's putting the cart before the horse to speak.

Reddit UFO Footage:

Interestingly, the compelling UFO footage surfaced on the popular online platform Reddit, specifically within the community of r/UFOs. The video, initially shared by an astounded eyewitness, has since incited fervent debate and speculation, drawing the attention of UFO enthusiasts and sceptics alike. As the video continues to captivate the online audience, it stands as a testament to the enduring fascination with the unexplained and the unyielding pursuit of uncovering the mysteries that permeate our skies.

Witness statement:

"Spherical rotating object checks out the trail. Originally recorded this video to show my husband the insane amount of trails that day as I was taking the trash out to the alley. It wasn't until I went back to cut the video to send my husband that I saw something in the video. Went back, and slowed it down to show what only happens for a brief moment. My husband before watching was positive nothing like this existed. UFO descends from space at 00:56 rotates at a standstill for a couple of seconds next to the trail then accelerates speed towards the right. A bird briefly flies by, you can see the comparison of it changing shape as it moves across the sky in comparison. Where as- The ufo rotates then STOPS rotating as it veers off to the right the reflection of the sun and the shape stays constant." - r/UFOs

Furthermore, the inclusion of a full and detailed witness statement serves to provide invaluable insight into the circumstances surrounding the inexplicable encounter. The firsthand account of the witness not only bolsters the authenticity of the footage but also offers a profound glimpse into the bewildering nature of the encounter, shedding light on the emotional and psychological impact of bearing witness to such an extraordinary event. The witness statement resonates as a compelling testament to the unprecedented and inexplicable nature of the UFO encounter, serving as a powerful reminder of the enduring allure of the unexplained. We are not alone in the universe and the evidence and proof are abundant.

Government UAP Support:

Moreover, the acknowledgement of UAPs specifically Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) USAF pilots anomalies by the US Government as unknown origin phenomena adds a layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative. This acknowledgement underscores the gravity of the encounter, the seriousness of the encounters signalling the potential significance of any future event and further fueling speculation surrounding the enigmatic and elusive nature of the UFO Orb in this particular instance and its interaction with the aircraft.

Take Note:

Today it's a 747 UFO encounter, we see it stop and investigate the trail from the aircraft and tomorrow it could be a close encounter with Air Force One or over a city, God forbid... That's how serious this is and for the US Government to acknowledge that genuine USAF pilot's UAP encounters are real is extraordinary in itself. They exist and they are real and that's not my assessment that is the United States Government's own Department of Defense (DoD) assessment of unknown origin objects and that means the UAP videos are genuine!

In conclusion

The enthralling encounter between the large white UFO Orb and the 747 aircraft stands as a captivating testament to the enduring mystery and fascination surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena. As the online community continues to dissect and scrutinize the compelling footage, the profound nature of the encounter persists as a poignant reminder of the inexplicable marvels that populate our skies, beckoning us to embrace the enigma and intrigue that define the uncharted frontier of the unknown.


Check out this link about the Pentagon being committed to investigating UAPs.

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