UFO Inside The Clouds Slowly Moving

A remarkable occurrence involving a sizable rectangular object emitting a radiant glow, resembling a strip of lights was positioned just above the clouds. Some people are saying it's a Hard Rock Casino Hollywood USA light show... But what are your thoughts on that?

Orange glowing strip UFO anomaly in the clouds.

Let's have a dive into the available information and as ufosightingsfootage was tagged in the post ascendingmechanics7.0 Instagram page we can bring our collective effort and try to figure this out.

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If it's a light show over Hollywood as some people are suggesting "How come it's inside the clouds?" I'm not convinced by this opinion in the comments on the Instagram page because the clouds are enveloping the object. A light that is shined onto a surface can't go around the object and if it's shining upwards we should see it reflected off the clouds right? By its definition, if you shine a light it reflects off objects unless it's an uninterrupted beam of light! Yet this is an object on the other side of the cloud.

Remarkable Object or Hollywood Light Show

As the spectators observed this extraordinary anomaly and proceeded to document it through filming, the object gradually became obscured by the clouds, leaving no doubt in my mind that something truly remarkable was being filmed and at a considerable altitude within the cloud meaning it wasn't a drone.


As the clouds begin to envelop the large rectangle-shaped craft it seems to be either hovering or moving very slowly. I'm convinced that something is there like a tangible object inside the cloud.

Government Info

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UFOs: Fact or Fiction?

I'm not convinced that a light is being used to light up the cloud. It could be the clouds obscuring the propulsion system but somehow it's moving slowly and as far as we can see it's not got anything that we can see that is propelling it or pushing it through the atmosphere.

The largest UFO the size of a bus

The UFO was around the size of a regular bus which is one of the largest known UFOs that has probably ever been filmed or witnessed just by eye alone come to think about it? Point out another large rectangular-shaped UFO and you'll see just how rare it is.

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The large object was spotted by people as it began to glow with some asking if there was anything inside the object itself. It looks like a strip of lights.

Onlookers quickly started filming this unusual phenomenon

As they continued to watch, the object began to be covered by the clouds, leaving them intrigued about what could be hidden up there.

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The object hovered high above the clouds for some time, its radiant glow standing out starkly against the dusky backdrop. Some onlookers speculated that it might be an otherworldly visitor, while others pondered whether it was a celestial phenomenon yet to be explained. As the footage circulates on social media, it will no doubt spark a wave of curiosity and wonder. People from all around the area strained their necks to catch a glimpse of the mysterious spectacle above them before it disappeared.

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Credit: ascendingmechanics7.0 Instagram, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, UFO footage.

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