Is NASA Aware of UFOs Permanently Watching Earth

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My thought's;
I think this is a story worth investigating. There are several reasons why I decided to post this.

Low Earth orbit of a ufo.

Denying that UFOs even exist, by way of keeping quiet and not saying yes or no is wrong - given all of their evidence. It has always been their way of commenting on things or not commenting should I say that they know stuff about, but don't want to admit to anything.

Updated video March 2024.


If they "do" comment on a story are they telling the truth? Maybe. It harks back to the days when they (NASA) used to transport UFOs around the US. If the UFO was round shaped, it went into a square box and just like if the UFO was square shaped, it went into a round box, etc.


NASA Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Independent Study

NASA has habits that they just can't seem to get rid of and learn by. I mean that's good for us people who question NASA and research NASA because they just seem to have lots of little telltale signs that they always go by.

Ufo in Earths lowest orbit.

Call me paranoid but we just cannot seem to get straight answers out of anyone at NASA at all, ever.

Getting back to the story, I believe that astronauts are diplomats who are trained to speak on our behalf to the Aliens and that this is the reason why we always have photos of UFOs coming and going because it's part of their mission to document them coming in for the meeting and then the astronauts video them leaving the ISS? It could be way off I get that but there are too many examples of UFO activity and isn't it a coincidence that these anomalies are explained away within hours of them happening? We just don't get any real investigation that's very clear and technical issues always arise when a UFO appears.

Suspicious activity, no investigation but answers aplenty by way of dismissal of any claims. It doesn't make sense at all.

This makes a lot of sense to me because if you look back at many of the videos from the ISS where UFOs have been seen, you'll always see them coming and going from the ISS. Is it a coincidence? Sometimes like now for instance you'll see the UFOs stationary, just watching and maybe waiting for their "diplomats" to either come back to or go to the ISS to have a meeting. It could be the other way around as well, our astronauts are waiting for our "diplomats" to come back from their crafts.

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Remember the UFO that we shot at from the ground with a laser and the UFO did a U-turn and sped off, that could have been the time when talks broke down or we were testing their defence capabilities which forced them to the meeting table. Just like in Battlestar Galactica (image below)? The meeting room in space where the Cylons never turned up for centuries but then all of a sudden they turned up?

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NASA is what I call, known liars! I have always questioned the statements that are given by "any" known liars, not just NASA, it's the backbone of what I do! The very definition of a "conspiracy theorist".

Here's a post by the UFO International Project I thought you would be interested in;

It is nearly every week now, that a fresh new UFO sighting is seen above the Earth or next to the International Space Station. Many people believe that the number of sightings means astronauts on board the ISS are probably being monitored by extraterrestrials almost daily. A large brightly lit UFO was captured on the International Space Station camera, watching over them close by.

StreetCap1 who is the Youtuber who discovered this footage has confirmed that this capture has come straight from NASA's live feed footage. Many people believe that NASA's lack of response when questioned about these UFO's caught on their cameras, says a lot in itself! NASA is in a way teasing us with these videos and then keeping quiet when approached about these unusual crafts caught in space.

Despite allowing public access to the recordings, many Ufologists from around the world now claim that NASA is purposely withholding information about UFOs from the public.

Streetcap1 who posted the intriguing video onto YouTube after capturing it off NASA’s ISS live feed footage, said:

  • Bright UFO above Earth
  •  During a period when the camera is moving for around two minutes, NASA captures a distant pink and gold object.
  • Caught August 3, 2015. We need them to maybe start pointing the ISS cameras outward and stop treating people like children.

Streetcap1's comment reference to NASA pointing their cameras outward is a very fair point as apart from the UFOs being caught on camera, I feel it's important to also give the people of planet Earth, a better, clearer perspective of the Universe around us. However saying this, it is very clear WHY NASA doesn’t point their cameras outwards, what with the apparent amount of UFOs around us!

NASA blatantly ignores people's questions about these UFOs caught on camera, and it is clear why they never comment because they do NOT want us to see these crafts in space! Of course, NASA knows these UFOs are there, BUT occasionally they must slip up and perhaps the ETs purposely show up out of nowhere so that the people of this world can SEE that they are up there in all their glory!

This image is a notorious example of the UFOs that have been seen near or next to the ISS. This cannot be explained by some reasoning that its nuts and bolts, spare glove went missing, debris from fuel tanks, etc. This is a bona-fide UFO that has a re-entry shield at the front of it so it probably comes from a planet with an atmosphere.

I have posted quite a lot of posts about the sheer amount of UFOs being caught on camera above the ISS which like everything in life's all a numbers game! Some of the footage caught on NASA's live feed could be something completely innocent (perhaps) BUT some of the images caught on camera have no explanations whatsoever as to what they are and where they are from – Hence they are 100% UFOs caught on camera!


No matter how much we moan about it, NASA at this moment in time will NOT discuss what these UFOs are, this could be for two reasons:

1. They do not know what they are.

2. They know what they are, but are too afraid to tell the public who already know the truth (this is more likely!)

One thing is for sure, the ETs are here with us, and have been for a long time!{alertInfo}

I could imagine NASA must be regretting ever promising the public live feed from the space station! We have seen all sorts of crafts and large structures above the earth, it appears that we are being watched DAILY, and something BIG is going on around us!

With UFO sightings doubling this summer and sightings aplenty above Earth – could it be that a species of Aliens is forcing NASA's hand for disclosure?

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  1. Sept 16 1994 Carbonado WA
    A bright object parked right next to my car. I reported it to mufon in 2002. That same day 9/16/94 the kids in zimbanwe saw a craft and a man.

  2. That pic of the ufo in this article looks like a cherry donut .just sayin

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