Anomalous Clouds Forming And Cylinder Shape UFOs What's Going On

Something strange is happening in Russia I think that's an understatement because what we're seeing here is not normal.

Not normal as this doesn't look like it belongs in a cloud it happened over St Petersburg, Russia on 09/26/2022 according to one Reddit user.

Cloud anomaly Russia and cigar shape UFO sighting Latin America.

Cloud Anomaly Over Russia sees a cloud forming a orange bulb.

Cigar shape UFO sighting over South America.

The 2 anomalies are both in the very same video which was uploaded to YouTube by the Mavi777 channel.


Is this a man-made effect on the cloud or is it a reaction to something happening on the ground or in the air? I get a distinct impression that we may never know.

I'm just your everyday guy observing the world's strangest anomalies and giving you my thoughts and opinions on them. It's not based on science or facts, just an everyday guy saying out loud wtf is going on? We're seeing absolute "without any doubt whatsoever" the strangest events taking place one after the other. Things we didn't think could happen and things that have never happened before.

I could start mentioning things on that bizarre list but each and everyone needs the necessary information with it so it makes some sense but it would take a while to mention the many different things going on.

Okay, what about the UFOs recently shot down? 3 UFOs are shot with missiles out of the sky and now nothing! It was front and centre news on every single news channel but now it's almost as if they've all been told that they are not allowed to say anything about it. Wow and a loud wtf.

The UFO sighting in this video sees a strange cylinder UFO flying from the right to the left. It's as if the witness is telling us what's going to happen before it even happens as he points from the right to the left and then the white cylindrical shape UFO does exactly what he describes using his hand gestures. That's what I wanted to point out about the UFO sighting.

This cloud phenomenon however rank's probably one of the best anomalies and that's based on just what we're all seeing. We can take away the science definitions to explain this and the meteorological weigh-ins about this but to the normal guy just gazing at it like me and you that's one of the most bizarre things we're going to see.

If it wasn't for cameras like smartphones and CCTV including static webcams broadcasting live feeds from around the globe (yes globe) most if not all of these would go without anyone batting an eyelid. If we go back to 1908 specifically June 8th of that year we see from the record books that a devastating meteorite exploded in the air and wiped out a massive part of the Tunguska river.

It was a meteorite explosion over Serbia that devastated an area equal to hundreds of square kilometres of land which was right next to the Tunguska river in Siberia. It was an epic showdown of arguably an unstoppable force coming up against a moving force or the planet Earth. Only one could be the winner and the meteorite annihilated itself. Not without leaving its mark though.

See we're travelling through space at 67,000 mph and rotating and the meteorite that hit the Tunguska river was travelling at 33,500 mph and I'll quote NASA:

It is estimated the asteroid entered Earth's atmosphere travelling at a speed of about 33,500 miles per hour. During its quick plunge, the 220-million-pound space rock heated the air surrounding it to 44,500 degrees Fahrenheit. At 7:17 a.m. (local Siberia time), at a height of about 28,000 feet, the combination of pressure and heat caused the asteroid to fragment and annihilate itself.


Just as with anything else it gave way, it broke but in spectacular fashion. Equal to a nuclear bomb the size of 185 Hiroshima bombs which is absolutely and unequivocally astounding.

The world hadn't "witnessed" anything else like it in its history. Nobody witnessed the meteorite that wiped out the Dinosaurs so it's not in the same category. This was witnessed as it only happened in 1908. We were able to examine the direct results and see the devastating effects straight afterwards and that's the most unique part of witnessing its effects.

Something has to happen when you take a meteorite travelling at 33,500 mph and the Earth travelling at 67,000 but also taking into account the daily rotation of the Earth and the atmosphere of Earth and that something is this you've got an explosion the likes of which nobody could fathom!

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Credit: NASA/The Conversation/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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