Large Fleet Of UFOs Over Korolyov City In Russia

Russia, Korolyov city was the scene of a massive UFO fleet flying past the city and Russia isn't known for Chinese lanterns.

Largest fleet of UFOs over Korolyov, Russia August 2020.

Korolyov, Russia saw a large fleet of UFO Orbs in August of 2020.

Korolyov, Russia had a fantastic UFO Orb fleet flying overhead and an Eagle-eyed viewer saw it in August 2020 and filmed it and photographed it.

This is the motherload of UFOs and it's the UFO Orbs type which is filmed everywhere individually. Do they come together after individual flights?


Play the video in full screen if you can for best results.

Are we seeing them just after getting here I've seen the videos of UFO fleets passing by the ISS on May 6th 2022. Here's a link to that very video.

So the argument just got even stronger in my opinion for these coming to Earth in fleets. It doesn't look like a formation but what's a formation look like in terms of huge fleets of UFO Orbs? There's a kind of reason for their higgledy-piggledy formation because we can see an arrow shape pointing downwards as we're looking at the screen.


This could be what happens after they have been out individually on surveillance missions or information-gathering events because they've been filmed everywhere.

Are UFO Orbs gathering information on humanity?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

They are up to something and military pilots have chased these after witnessing them just appearing. The types of manoeuvres these Orbs can pull off shouldn't be achievable because they're tiny in comparison to the military jets.

The types of energy needed would be massive and they don't have anywhere to store it if we're looking at this from a man-made perspective.


Unless it's drawing energy from its surroundings which was demonstrated by Tesla a long time ago with wireless electricity is very easy to do. Who knows what type of technology is being used in the Orbs but I suspect that it's unlike anything else that we've come across to date.

At least publicly available anyways. The speeds that these tiny Orbs can achieve are unbelievable in the words of professional observers. The professional observers are Air Force pilots who've trained to identify every single type of craft known to mankind and if they don't know then anybody knows unless it's classified and highly secret exotic technology.

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Credit: Dmitriy Troshin/ UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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