Black UFO Disk Causes People To Rush To See it

I genuinely don't know what to make of this UFO sighting, but the way people are filming it and running to the side of the homes to see, it's got me wondering.

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The thing is, there's nothing underneath the UFO or to the sides or anything else that could be the object of their attention.

Black UFO Disk was caught on the eye witness camera.

This is a very unusual flying saucer-type UFO caught on camera.

That's why I'm still wondering what, if anything else, can these seemingly normal people unconnected to each other (I assume) be looking at. There's nothing to their front or in their immediate surroundings.


This video was uploaded to Mysteries Unexplained Instagram.

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Is this UFO the thing that these people are filming and rushing to get a glimpse of, or is there something else entirely that we can't see? I'm trying to put myself in the shoes of the person who is filming this and I'm trying to figure out if someone has just taken a random video from online etc and added a "UFO" or black disk into the video nefariously or in an underhanded manner?

Let's all help and figure this out

We will get to the bottom of this because I know that there are a lot of people who are proficient in being able to determine how a video was either manipulated or if it's a genuine UFO sighting. People have sent me UFO sightings for years now going right back to 2016 which doesn't seem like a long time but it's still 7 years and I've personally been writing about UFOs way over 15 years and it's getting harder to tell the difference.

It's getting difficult to determine if a UFO sighting is genuine or not.

The evolution of Ufology

And I've seen the evolution of UFO sightings getting better looking, more exotic, and difficult to tell between the real and the CGI. Computer-generated imagery is what CGI stands for. And believe me, it's made Ufology the but of many hoaxes and yes while it may be cool with your friends and fellow students to create a UFO sighting video as part of film studies presenting your work as a well-rounded sci-fi movie. Believe me, it's not doing Ufology any good.

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The evolution of Ufology sadly is in two ways. There's the CGI rendering route, and our cameras are getting better, so we're seeing more UFO sightings than ever.

To the hoaxers, pick something else like a true sci-fi genre movie and not present a UFO sighting passed off as the real thing because you're hurting Ufology.

Is it a genuine UFO sighting

We can't tell if it's real or not! I'm just been honest, and somebody needs to say it. There are hundreds, if not thousands of UFO sightings out there. We just can not tell if it's a truly unique UFO sighting or if it's some CGI rendering created to just pass a film student's test. Or if it's just a blatant deliberate attempt at faking a UFO sighting.


It does come out of the cloud at the beginning, which looks real because it's hazy as if the clouds are obstructing its view.

It's the people's reactions to the UFO that's got me thinking that it's A, a clear UFO which is what people always say "Why can't we see a clear UFO for a change." And B, it looks random because they're acting like they don't know each other, which would be near impossible to set up given those circumstances. I've asked for the information for the video because it was sent to me through Instagram DMs. When I get it, I'll update this post.


So that's why I'm thinking that there could be more to this, but we need the help of UFO enthusiasts to determine one way or another. I can't always bring just the results. It takes a lot of effort to determine a UFO sighting. Like a team effort that would bring results. Let's see what we can discover together.

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Credit: Mysteries Unexplained Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. I think less video production....meaning just seeing the ORIGINAL video would be real evidence. Slowing things down, enlarging the image, not seeing the beginning or end of the clip....this is NOT evidence

  2. While I believe that these objects are sometimes real crafts, this video shows the UFO rising, and the heads and the camera phone do not seem to be following the trajectory of the rise.

  3. No, not real. Why would the person filming it not focus 100% on that object

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