Nevada Desert US UFO Sighting Changes Shape

A spectacular UFO sighting in the Nevada Desert, US has left multiple witnesses perplexed.

It's a fantastic UFO sighting over Nevada Desert US.

This is a large UFO or 3 UFOs over Nevada Desert.

This looks like it's 3 UFOs bunched up together in the distance.

However, upon closer inspection, it could be just the one larger craft with lights. It's an orange glowing colour but then it changes to white and disappears.


It's a fantastic UFO sighting and we need answers.

It's bizarre because the witness sounds almost as if he's telling us "it's yet another UFO" as is it possible that it's not the only time he's seen UFOs in this area of Nevada.


It could be that as soon as they vocalized out loud that the object was a UFO, it vanished from sight. This sudden disappearance has only added more proof that these UFOs are surveying the planet Earth. They've got to be here for some reason and we see them everywhere don't we?

  • There's a technology that can detect if a camera is recording.
  • There's a technology that can detect if someone or something is recording audio.
  • Can these UFOs know when they're been filmed?

It stands to reason as to why there are UFO videos and a lot are off in the distance but never, ever close up! Does this add to the mystery surrounding the sighting?

While many remain sceptical about the existence of UFOs, this sighting in the Nevada Desert has left some including myself questioning what else may be out there.

The search for answers continues.

And I'll never stop asking questions. There is something in that video which demands an explanation but who knows for certain what it is? That's why we might never know what it was and it looks like it disappeared.

Credit: Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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