Craft With Beings That We Can See Filmed Over Turkey

This has been controversial stuff since the minute it emerged online for everyone to see.

Aliens in UFO filmed over the Sea of Marmaris.

Aliens at the window of a UFO craft in 2009 Istanbul Turkey.

I've made sense of why there are different years and different times on the Turkish UFO sighting videos that we've been seeing online. It's straightforward once you know why the years are different on what looks like the same UFO sighting because it's filmed over the years as it keeps coming back.

There are what looks like 2 Extraterrestrial entities or beings if you like either standing up or sitting at the window or opening on this aerial vehicle.


I'm questioning everything about this UFO slash Alien sighting because it needs scrutinising as the implications of these being real demand that we examine everything.

Dr Roger Leir went there and witnessed the UFO or craft for himself as it was turning up at the same place over the Sea of Marmaris Turkey and he presented his findings at the UFO conference. Dr Roger Lir, unfortunately, passed away in 2014 RIP.

He is on record as saying he was present when this craft was filmed. That makes this one of the best-witnessed UFO events in history.


What's going on here it does look like 2 beings are standing at this opening and the eye witness with the camera was just far away enough to be able to make out some of the being's facial features. This was witnessed by many different people and videos by many different people. The video clears up practically everything about this and makes sense of it all which is fantastic. It's by Chris Lehto's YouTube channel. This video is eye-opening and one you'll never forget.

It all happened on May 15th 2009 in this specific video there were sightings surrounding the Turkey UFO sighting. It's a little confusing to be honest because there's been a few sightings of the same craft in Turkey on or around the same day. The year changes in the video as it goes from 2007 to 2008 and 2009. This is all strange at first glance but people have been putting a timeline in place for these crafts we see in this specific video.

In the video, we see the time changes from 4:59 am to 5:20 am but it's a different place. Because the years have been changing in the other videos we can only determine that this type of craft has been filmed in Turkey for years. Is it the same craft I suppose that nobody can say yes or no for sure. The video also changes to May 17th 2009 at 3:02 am so we know that the Turkish UFO sighting has been filmed on several different occasions.

Well, I've discovered how to narrow it all down and make sense of it all. It happened over the summers of 2007, 2008, and 2009 in one location but over the Sea of Marmaris. On one occasion UFO researcher Dr Roger Leir was there. Here's the video of evidence with the timeline and read the YouTube video description that explains it all. The guy who filmed this craft is called Murat Yalcin Yalman (Yilmaz) except for one time, Kusur Baymayin Abbey with both filming hours of footage over the Sea of Marmaris not on land but over the Sea!

Do you know how many times people have filmed what could potentially be Extraterrestrials in a craft? Hardly ever is the answer. Hardly ever because these beings aren't here to show themselves which is abundantly clear otherwise we'd have seen them in clear settings. They're not ready to show themselves or communicate with humanity.

Speaking to some of these individuals who are four-star generals at the Secretaries of Defence, folks who have a lot of responsibility (and a lot to lose) and they're looking at you in front of a camera, looking at you right in the eyes and saying, 'Yes, these things are real. Yes, we have an official UFO programme in our government apparatus, specifically trying to figure out what things are. That's extremely compelling.

Louis Elizondo Sky History

That's the impression that I get from the very little video evidence of any entities on film is that filming an actual ET in a craft is rare.


We know that UFOs are here because of the relatively recent UAP disclosure which is endless testimonies and video evidence including other evidence that is classified. Governments around the world don't make policy changes based on videos or just what someone has said although in a lot of cases, it could be a good idea it's just not how Governments work.

By far this is the best UFO sighting with Aliens filmed in the craft.

Turkish UFO incident evidence.

While the US Government has stopped short of saying it's aliens it's what the admission of UAPs existing means overall that they knew the implications of saying that UFOs are real. Of course, it means that some intelligent life form created them, doesn't it? Reading between the lines means someone must have created them, someone or something must have been involved in them getting to where they were when they were caught on camera.

I'm keeping it focused on what we know.

On the very day, the military pilots filmed these UAPs while they were chasing them, all of that must have had a process behind it that was allowing the UAPs to turn, accelerate and eventually disappear because they weren't captured.

This UFO sighting with Aliens at the opening over the Sea of Marmaris Turkey looks to be very real as that's what the evidence tells us.

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Credit: Dr Roger Leir/Chris Lehto YouTube Channel/Sky History/Turkey UFO Incident YouTube Channel/Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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