UFO Orbs In A Row Formation Over Chambersburg PA USA

Here's the extraordinary video which shows 4 light's in a row which was sent to me through Instagram DMs that was filmed over Chambersburg, PA, USA at the end of December 2021.

The witness got in touch and asked basically for my thoughts on this UFO sighting which he said that he caught in his area.

The UFO sighting caught over Chambersburg in the USA 2021.

It's so strange but the thing is, nothing should be in the sky at night with what looks like UFO Orbs in formation flying somewhere. The message has been in Instagram's offensive words folder for whatever reason which I haven't had that setting on.


I've never had that setting on but thousands of people's messages have been put into that folder. So I've never had a reason to check that folder as the settings have not been on.

I'm still going through it.

Anyway, I've not seen any aircraft like this one but there's something up there in the sky and it's at night which limits what it can be even further because certain aircraft can't fly at night. It's usually smaller aircraft limited at night which would be obvious. I've just looked it up and it's generally around urban areas because of noise pollution so there are some restrictions on aircraft flying at night time.

It's not a drone and it's not skydivers or the smaller single-seaters. Balloons probably not, kites no, Chinese lanterns not because we'd see a slower-moving orange light and it'd be a single light.

I'm going to leave it in your very capable hands because it's your vast pool of knowledge that will get to the bottom of what this is.

Witness statement:

Caught this in my area, let me know what you think. Chambersburg, PA, USA. December 21, 2021, @7:14pm. Where I stay at there’s always stuff moving in the sky no joke! There are times when I’m like okay that’s a satellite but man some objects I just see and I’m like no way that’s a satellite. I’ve never had that many questions about what’s really in the sky at night until this year. I just took a close look at the sky at night and you just never know what’s out there.

It's a good thing that everyone has a smartphone camera to film all these bizarre things flying around in our atmosphere. The uptick in UFO sightings around the world has happened so fast that even the world has taken notice. Especially in the way news agencies normally used to dismiss it or even ridicule anyone who had a UFO sighting. Everyone's posting about it from the news, Congress, The Pentagon, the CIA, NASA, the President is talking openly about it and Senator's plus congressional committees are openly asking for information on it.

Then there are the Air Force/Navy pilots and the UAP videos, I could go on and on as I've not even mentioned the new UAP reporting agencies.

The Pentagon announced that it renamed and expanded the authority of the government’s chief UFO office. Formerly known as the Airborne Object Identification and Management Group, the office will now be known as the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office or AARO.

Okay, I'll mention the 3 UFOs shot down over North America. Where are the videos? We got footage of the Chinese balloon being recovered but nothing about the 3 UFOs shot down. Every Jet films from different angles on the aircraft on every mission! Where are they?

Evidence of the 3 UFOs

Where's the 3 UFOs shot down videos, they must exist and that's evidence.

We know that it was a blatant cover-up of the UFOs being taken down and possibly recovered. They might be inside the UFOs by now after recovering them. What have they found?

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Credit: E.G/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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