NASA Study To Find Extraterrestrial Life

Apparently, according to NASA, astronaut's have not seen UFOs in space which was a statement by Adam Frank.

The Helen F. and Fred H. Gowen Professor of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Rochester.

And we know that is incorrect. We know that because UFOs have most certainly 100 percent been seen by astronauts in space, in the form of "The Tether Incident" which was also filmed by the very same astronauts who saw them.

Aliens conspiracies and NASA study to find Aliens.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)/Collage: Jessica Tanny.

So why the hell (with statements like that) would we ask NASA to investigate UAPs with a study group?

They apply double speak, linguistic gymnastics and speak in riddles.


See the image just above with the letter's that typically represent what Alien writing could look like? Well believe it or not but that planet is what NASA say's is an exoplanet that is real! Overall it's a red planet and it's supposedly a planet based on scientific, research and mathematics because it's a visual representation of a planet that NASA scientists have apparently discovered!

That's NASA's Alien planet and that's all they ever do is give us digital artwork for Alien research.

And you thought it was just a cool background, lol. It's apparently a scientific and accurate measurement of wavelengths and other NASA instruments rendition. It means nothing to me, to anyone because nobody is ever gonna go there? But it's enough to keep the people interested in Extraterrestrial life in space"happy" well I say it's stupid! Here's the link to the post about it and because it's attributed to NASA it's in the public domain and it's supposedly educational.

Want to find extraterrestrial life? Enlist the help of the public. Brandeis Now

I kid you not, that's a NASA sanctioned Adam Frank statement:

If - or perhaps when? NASA detects life elsewhere in the universe, the finding will come with the weight of the standards of evidence embodied by the agency.

That's according to Adam Frank.

Which basically it will never come.

Just think about it for one second what that means in terms of Ufology.

Adam Frank is a professor of physics and astronomy at the university of Rochester. So it stands to reason that he absolutely knows what he is talking about, right?

While yes that's technically true, very true and right on the money, sure he knows the scientific way of determining whether a UFO sighting is credible or easily explained (I assume he does).

NASA has never explained a real UFO sighting, ever! They've never so much as picked a random UFO sighting and tried to explain it!

Not once!

But because the US Government has, NASA want's to get involved!

How can NASA apply the standards of evidence to a phenomenon?

Please NASA, explain what you mean I beg you.

What they mean is they'll do nothing, release a statement every 2 years and cover the lot of it up.

The unexplained phenomena which has been brought into the realms of modern day science via the UAP disclosure videos. That though would seem inadvertently tagged into the UFO investigation by the US Government who don't want to use the real acronym UFO or unidentified flying object! And then there's things that we just cannot explain nor can science explain.

What then?

Standards of evidence?

What's next on the agenda for Ufology? The dark day's I assume where nothing is going to be done a d no disclosure is coming regarding actual Extraterrestrials. 

Is NASA "really" taking over looking for evidence of Extraterrestrial life in space because that's irresponsible and I'll tell you why! Because they've come up with nothing in the past and the UFOs got to Earth anyways and we've had NASA on lookout (so to speak) around the Earth. They're not very good at their job because literally the US Government has had to go over their heads and show the public the UFO-UAP videos that NASA should have caught a long time ago because it's their job to do it, right.

UAPs are UFOs, but apparently NASA didn't know about the UAPs, so the US Government and the DoD, US Navy Pentagon etc didn't bring NASA into the fold because if NASA knew about the UAPs, it should have been their jobs to release these UFO vids right?

So what's the truth?

Suppose we do exactly what science tells us to, or rather the lack of it, which is to ignore it, pretend that it doesn't exist, pretend that if science cannot explain it then it simply doesn't matter.

That's the NASA way and it's wrong.

See, NASA will only publish once they have certainty, NASA will only publish once they've applied this standards of evidence or in other words, It's a Phenomena so NASA technically won't have to publish anything. Because it doesn't come under their standards of evidence. While yes I'd like a thorough job done, they will not include the public along the way and if they cannot say 2 add 2 is 4 at the end of their unlimited time study then we will never get any answers from NASA "ever" because I'm going from their past. They've never approached the UFO genre with anything but disdain and ridicule and the sense that it's beneath them. Oh but now the US Government took away their say and released the 3 UAP videos, NASA want's to get involved? Yes, to apply a proven method that doesn't work for Ufology! Idiots.

And they will not, they will never include the public in a transparent study group! Because they never have, so they never will no matter what they say now. A leopard this big doesn't change it's spots unless you get rid of the top people, the middle people and bottom feeders. They've already told us they will not change the method's they use to determine Extraterrestrial life by applying their same method that has never, ever, not once worked for Ufology.

And I get it, NASA must be mad at the the people who released the UAP videos because that technically should have been NASA's claim, right? But the US Government knows that NASA could have done so at anytime without any doubt but they chose not to, so the government stepped in after Luis Elizondo forced them to confront it.

There's other UAP videos but they don't want to release them and said it would harm national security!

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

This is exactly why many, many agencies have been reluctant to get on board and give it any credibility. Because they simply didn't have any answers! That's abundantly clear to anyone looking in. They couldn't replicate it in an environment etc so basically they ignored it, ridiculed it, exiled their own fellow scientist's and even labelled them crazy!

Well, actually they should have known better because if I could see that it's only a matter of time before it's fully accepted then anyone could see it. But science doesn't work on this principle it (science) works on repeated experiment's and identifiable information plus evidence that backs up the theory.

As an example:

Personally I don't like rice. But I cannot say it's horrible because it's not the correct way to describe it. 3 billion (maybe more) people eat rice every single day, so it must be nice, right?

So if enough people keep saying that they they've seen a UFO, it must be real.

But all science want's to do is apply a taste test on a scale that doesn't exist and see for a fact if indeed, rice is A, horrible or B, nice.

They haven't done any tests to determine if UFOs are real or not, but they certainly picked the side of horrible and without any evidence. After all, it's only applying their own rules but right back at themselves! They're so focused on people having to prove it, that flipped back at themselves, they need to disprove it. Especially if they're picking a side, right? It's only fair.

If you get the jist of the examples you'll see how one sided and narrow minded NASA actually can be. Just saying that there's no evidence is not a determination, that's an observation and an opinion. Because yes, there really is a lot of evidence out there! They skipped all that and went straight to no evidence. They're very, very narrow minded. Not very thorough are they.

The real opportunity lying in the proposed NASA study is not just about what it finds. Instead, it’s about showing the American people how NASA, and science in general, goes about the business of finding. Showing people how science and those standards of evidence work in a transparent way, and on a subject everyone is interested in, could be a powerful moment.

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Credit: Brandeis Now/Rochester University UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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