Black Craft Rises As Lights Underneath It Come On

This is bizarre because as this craft UFO starts to rise into the sky, we can see some lights come on underneath it. There's definitely white light's coming on but only as it starts to rise.

Black UFO possibly involved in Alien abduction in Colombia.

Colombia UFO shows black crsft with light's underneath it.

These screenshots don't do it justice as the video is far better.

I am so frustrated because the news in Colombia got hold of this video first and splashed its advertising all over it knowing that it's a big deal in Ufology.


It's so frustrating for other UFO researchers who want to report on the UFO sighting but have to deal with all the needless symbols. Stop ruining the videos. History is going to want a video that's not ruined.

Anyway, this is a great video showing a craft that's got lots of definition and lots of angles on it. There's light's including 2 aerial-type protrusions at the front or what I'm calling the front of the UFO. These aerial type protrusions are pointing downwards which could mean something or nothing.

If this is a drone then it wouldn't need aerials like this so as far as aerials go it could be for decorations.

Who knows what this is?

Video description:


Una possible abducción, grabado en Colombia.


A possible abduction was recorded in Colombia.

filtering mysteries.


So the plot thickens because it states in the video description about Alien abduction and that's possibly what the lady announcer is talking about in the video? If you can interpret it please share it with us in the comments. A possible abduction was filmed in Colombia which I'm sure they're referring to as an Alien abduction.


I generally don't cover that type of Extraterrestrial shenanigans because it's just too bizarre and it's something that I don't know anything about especially enough to write about or research.

On the other hand, this UFO sighting is a perfect UFO event that I've been hoping would occur. Not the possibility of abductions but the craft is very detailed, unique looking and large, kind of clear but at a distance. When the cameraman zooms in and it becomes blurred the camera tries to compensate for that and automatically refocuses on this object.

It's far away enough that the craft is detailed but it's smaller in size. When the craft is zoomed in it becomes blurry. So it's a catch-22 situation. Or it is what it is.

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Credit: filtrandomisterios Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. The woman says it is a flying cow.
    If it is true it is a probably an animal mutilation case:
    It is explained here:
    This "electroballs" can be invisible or transparent too.
    This is a video of one transparent:

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