Huge Unidentified Craft On NASA's ISS Live Stream 9th June 2021

Here's the most extraordinary UFO sighting ever caught on live TV from the ISS cameras. Rafael Navarro Ferrari filmed this from the ISS live feed TV.

In fact just going on from the title of this post we also can't mistake it for a piece of space debris as it's not from a rocket.

UFO craft captured on the space station live feed in June 2021.

Massive UFO caught on the live feed cameras in 2021.

A large UFO with objects around it captured by the ISS live feed cameras in June 2021 defies logic.

We even see craft flying around this immense structure which doesn't resemble anything else that you or me are familiar with.

I've never come across anything like that before because I'd know instantly if I'd have seen it before. The definition and features are astonishing and the clarity is astoundingly Alien looking. This has to be the smoking gun ladies and gentlemen, it has to be!


Jump to 1:09.50 to see the UFO sighting.

Is this the Mothership craft in space that the couple of Pentagon chiefs (Avi Loeb and Sean Kirkpatrick) when they released their papers? I'm going to tell you now that for me personally it tick's every box and it's the evidence that I've personally been looking for since I started out on my own personal journey to seek the truth and knowledge.

I feel surpringly the same. I did wonder what it would look like if I came across the smoking gun, and I hoped that I'd see it and I also hoped that I didn't dismiss it as a hoax. It's in space which narrows it down for us because the usual suspects can't fake a space sighting. Not if NASA has the original.


There's an almost bird like appearance to this object which if we imagine a bird with it's wings outward and up but away from it's body. It was filmed on the ISS live feed cameras on the 09/06/2021.

I don't think NASA could answer this even if they wanted too? It's s probably why they've never gone on any record to announce this specific UFO which is why I can't find anything?

Does NASA have a secret agenda

Because there's a lot of their own archival footage of strange anomalies happening in and around the ISS (International Space Station) you'd think they're somehow connected. To boot they don't answer many questions about these bizarre anomalies if at all.

ISS unusual event's

Some of the unusual event's at the ISS that stick out the most are the sound of jet engines when filming the astronauts. There's sometimes a very loud piercing sound similar to a jet engine which could only mean that a jet possibly a 747 is fitted out to look like the ISS and the steep climbing and then diving down of the aircraft simulates weightlessness. That's actually how they train.

I'm not the only person who has mentioned this. There's also what looks like harnesses being used to strap in the astronauts again to simulate weightlessness. This is normally used when a TV interview has the astronauts lined up on the "ISS" with 2 at the front and 3 at the back.

We see astronauts grabbing imaginary harnesses and the telltale signs of a harness under the clothing. Elon Musk actually stated once that his CGI rendering was way better than NASA's. I'm not even going to mention the many, many examples of bizarre things to happening with SpaceX.

Could it be that some UFOs are deliberately entering the cameras live feed? Is this a set process of introduction on their behalf or are we under surveillance by these UFOs?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

Everytime NASA has a UFO turn up on the ISS live feed the cameras are turned off and they don't mention the UFO when the cameras come back on. They've spent between $100 - 150 billion which was the estimate in 2010 (Google) and that makes it the most expensive object in human history via the Guinness world records.

Some astronauts have disappeared just before they rounded the corner in the ISS module connecting tunnels. That was caught in a NASA video.

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Credit: UAMN TV YouTube Channel/Rafael Navarro Ferrari/Jaime Maussan/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.