UFO Clearly Flying Near Military Jet Caught On Camera

Here's a video showing what can only be described as irrefutable evidence of a UFO stalking a jet.

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I want to write jets instead of just a jet, but for the sake of this video, I'm focusing on what we can see in this one UFO video.

A UFO Orb is seen flying around a military Jet surveying it in 2016.

This white Orb UFO is possibly following a Jet putting it under surveillance.

How do we interpret the UFO seemingly following and surveying a jet in 2016.

We all know that UFO Orbs are being filmed passing jets or in the background when a jet is being filmed. Many times we've seen that happening but this is direct video evidence from 2016 showing a white UFO flying above and around the jet then flying towards it from behind and then it passes straight in front of the jet for the pilot to see it.


The above video shows 2 UFOs, I've stopped the video when we see the 2 UFOs in the frame. It does say several UFOs in the video description, so I've had to point them out in the video below.

Which I might add is very similar to the white UFO Orb captured at the Queen's Jubilee flypast of the Red Arrows.

I covered that UFO incident, which was seen by hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, but we'll just stick to the hundreds of thousands of people seeing it.

It could be the very same UFO in both incidents, couldn't it?

We don't know how many of these specific UFOs there are on Earth, but we have an idea amongst others of how they're getting here. Some pilots have gone on record and said that they appear from nowhere. Also, they disappeared from view as fast as they came. It's the visual confirmation (pilots are trained observers) of UFOs having extraordinary abilities and skills beyond that which man's militaries could only hope for.

UFO Evidence

At 2:29, we see another black UFO passing by on the video screen!

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We see a small UFO making unbelievable turns, speeding by our fastest jet, and these are no bigger than a basketball. As the original video starts, we see red circles (and on the Mavi777 video) because someone has amazing eyesight and is pointing out the UFO. There's possibly another UFO passing by, which is black, and I've pointed it out in the video. It should not be able to make these manoeuvres even if there was a jet engine attached to this small craft. Let's face it it's a craft! A small craft that can outmanoeuvre our best Air Force's arsenal. That's incredible, but equally, it's scary because they're not communicating but surveying us. That's not a good thing.

Video description

Accidental recording of several UFOs flying near the plane on 09.06.2016 in Poland, in the city of Gniezno. The camera was aimed at 130 X zooming in the direction of the passing plane, and the zoom was increased to 260 X after capture and correction. Camera Canon sx 60hs. UFOCZAK YouTube

It's evidence that our military is under surveillance. But equally, it all hinges on these visiting us being real. Can we afford to pay no attention? Can we afford to gamble that these UFOs collecting information (clearly that's what's happening in this video) on our Air Force have been for good?

No, we can't, and we shouldn't ignore it.


The video starts with what I thought were red glitches at the top of the screen. It's not glitches but instead red circles that are pointing out to us where this UFO is and that the UFO is flying up and above the jet. It's using the clouds as cover to get close to the jet.

This video shows us a craft with an unprecedented level of intelligence and gathering of what can only be described as information, but it's defying all known laws of everything. It shouldn't be able to go faster than a jet, it should be drawing energy from something and basically, everything about this is wrong according to our technology.

Cleared up UFO video on YouTube.

Mavi777, I believe he cleared up the video because the original video on UFCZAK's YouTube channel doesn't look the same as the Mavi777 video. After all, it looks like the fuzziness has been cleared up. It allows us to see the UFO Orb a lot better, but it's not the full video, which is what we want to see.

Mavi777 video

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Credit: UFOCZAK YouTube Channel/Mavi777 YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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