São Paulo Brazil UFO Sighting With Beam Of Light

This isn't the first time that a strange UFO sighting has happened over Sao Paulo Brazil as I've written about this type of UFO from the same part of the world many times.

Will we ever know what this is, we must at least try to find out no matter how much you or I think it's a hoax. 

São Paulo Brazil UFO with 3 lights and a beam of light February 2023.

Really strange shape UFO with beam of light over Sao Paulo Brazil Feb 2023.

I'm hoping that one of two things will happen.


Firstly I'm hoping someone out there with a consciousness will admit that it's a hoax or secondly, they will say that they are telling us the truth.

Either way, if I could dismiss it outright I'd have to have the evidence to dismiss it wouldn't I? I can't blindly say that this is a fake and be done with it who's that going to help? Nobody is the answer to that! The right thing to do is to think logically either critically or rationally. There's got to be something that makes it look real otherwise every single thing that comes along that we can't immediately answer will consistently be dismissed.

And that's not good.

Logically thinking

Think about it, if every time a UFO happens but looks fake, then we may as well go to bed now and UFOs don't exist.

We must still look into the UFOs that don't sit right otherwise it's a foregone conclusion.

Can you see the huge gaping flaw in the logic of dismissing every UFO that looks fake?

What if one comes along that looks fake but it's real? We don't know what a real UFO even looks like so how the hell can we dismiss them? It's bonkers, isn't it?

It can't be the right way to deal with a UFO sighting it just can't be. So then we have to explain why we don't think it's real if that's what we think it is. Nobody has given me carte blanche to deny or dismiss or accept a UFO sighting and so we use rational thinking.


We've got to afford the UFO sighting at least a look into it for the sake of clarity. To be honest with you, it'd be so easy to just dismiss it and say "lol, what a load of rubbish" but then go to the next UFO sighting and say "Wow, that looks amazing and real." I try my hardest all the time to stay impartial and sincere to every single UFO while bringing you sightings of interest.

But believe me, it's the hardest thing to do because there's no right or wrong answer. And I love Ufology but what I think is irrelevant. The middle ground between a hoax and a genuine UFO sighting is a contentious issue. That's because Ufology is based on belief therefore it's open to suggestions and opinions plus personal experience and lots of ridicule. Usually by people who don't know any better.

In other words, there is no right or wrong answer and that's a fact. There will be 50 per cent that think it's strange we should keep an open mind. But equally, there will be people saying "It's a fake why post it" usually with an insult and other nastiness. But that's because Ufology brings out feelings as it's based on belief.

This is what I think about this UFO.

It could be a drone with lights on it but I also want it to be real. That's why I write about UFOs because I believe Extraterrestrial entities exist as we can't be the only life to exist in the whole vastness of space. We just can't be. And the US Government with Canada just shot down 3 UFOs and now we don't hear a thing about it. Because it's gone into cover-up mode yes you best believe that something bizarre is happening.

I'm open to suggestions on this UFO sighting and I'm going to keep an open mind. Possibly it's a hoax, but I'll gladly withdraw it if it comes to light if I've not seen something in the video or if there's a part 2 video with extraordinary footage. Or has something else entirely come to light that I haven't taken into account?

But I can't dismiss it just in case it's real.

Witness statement:

São Paulo 8/2/2023

Muchos dirán que es un helicóptero o un dron. Y qué crees que es?

Many will say that it is a helicopter or a drone. And what do you think it is?

@ovnisvsufos2 Instagram

I'm all for keeping an open mind guy's, if you go through my post you'll see that I always give the benefit of the doubt to all UFO sightings. We have to, it's the right thing to do regardless if we don't believe it or if we have doubts about it because and here's the most important part:

If I was to film a UFO that looked ridiculous and nobody believed me, I'd be gutted! I'd be devastated. Seriously if I filmed a UFO and people said that I'd faked it or it was nothing but a hoax and I knew that it was real meaning it wasn't a drone but nobody believed me?

OMG, I'd be devastated.

So yes definitely I'm going to stay open-minded.

If the world has taught me anything, it's that anything can happen! And as we all know from recent events anything usually does happen especially the events of epic proportions.

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Credit: @ovnisvsufos2 Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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