UFO Craft Unlike Anything We've Seen It's Breathtaking Footage

This is astoundingly alien-looking with no sound, it's almost like something we'd only see in the movies.

I've played the video backwards which I always do because it's what we do as we're trying to get answers, it does look like a Jet flying over the home but it's too small to be a jet, nobody flies jets at night this close to the ground at all.

Here's the extraordinary UFO sighting over Nigeria on 17th March 2023.

UFO sighting changing colour over Nigeria march 17 2023.

UFO changes colour from red to orange with 3 UFO Orbs at the corners over Nigeria.

The video is mind-blowing and because this is Nigeria it makes this all the better because we're used to UFOs over the USA.

I've just been sent this from the eyewitness (Olumide Lawal) through a DM on Instagram. I saw the first video because there are 2 videos to this which I've put together as one video.

I'm sure there's an expert out there who can tell us which jet it is if it's a jet and if it's not a jet then we've got a UFO. I'll admit I'm still unsure about this but we will get to the bottom of this no matter what as there are pilots who read my blog.


I've got to admit that this is an amazing UFO sighting no matter what. I, like others, will be hoping that this turns out that it's a genuine UFO sighting.

I first thought it was just a UFO Orb as you'll see in the second video which is what I saw first which is not a jet because no jets look like this whatsoever in the world and this is the same UFO sighting from last night.

Then it gets closer flying over the witness's home and that's when we can see all the epic details. It looks like it's flying backwards which is a bizarre part of this UFO sighting. It took place over Nigeria just last night literally hours ago at 8:16 pm.

What a fantastic UFO sighting this is, the craft is what I'd hope to see if I wish to see a UFO. There are what appear to be 3 lights on the corners that blink now and again. It changes colour at the front which goes from an orange colour to a red glowing colour.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

The lights on the corners are white. And nearer the end of the video we see another UFO Orb come close to it and pass by it. All this is in silence, there's no sound whatsoever coming from these 2 UFOs.

This craft or object has the most unusual characteristics unlike anything else that I have ever seen on any UFO bar none!

I know that's a huge statement but all you have to do is look at the UFO sighting itself and you'll probably agree that this is unlike anything else relating to UFOs.

It doesn't look like any aircraft known to exist in the world. I can say that with confidence because it's moving so slowly and that's probably the key to this whole UFO event. Nothing in this shape moves that slowly.

Witness statement:

I saw it last night. It was 8:16 pm on the 17th of March.

Location: Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria.

At first. It was like a star. But I noticed it was Kinda flashing weirdly. Then I was curious. After an hour. It started to move and then I started recording. It was soundless. I mean. There was no sound. The sound in the background is that of a power generator as there was no power supply in the area at the time of recording.

Olumide Lawal 


This is the best UFO I've been sent since I can remember which makes that the best I've ever been sent. Thank you Olumide Lawal. Guys if you reading this let's try to get some answers to this and if we start with similar-looking UFO sightings that will hopefully show the path to the right answer. We will have more clarity on this as more people see this. Someone will know more about this and somebody else must have seen it.

Where did it go and where did it come from? These are the more profound questions because of the possible kind of answers which could take us to some unknown area of phenomena or space including Extraterrestrial entities.

There are no limits at this time just hours after it took place to the answers therefore we must keep an open mind. We have to start with the known or the man-made possibilities first because we do not want to be accused of jumping to conclusions. We have to take into account the known, secret technology, and the possible modifications to existing aircraft or heavily modified drones. Remote-controlled miniature scaled-down aircraft are everywhere in all countries with competing teams so it stands to reason that they need to train and that's normally outdoors.

Is it a misidentified surveillance drone or a works department working on a nearby bridge? Nigeria has a large infrastructure and beautiful cities. Countries' infrastructure needs maintenance and drones are filling a void where once hard-to-view areas are now accessible because of drones.

Look I'm not saying it's a drone I'm just saying that we have to think about other things besides Extraterrestrial craft. I've already mentioned it but we don't want to be jumping to conclusions. 

Please share your thoughts on this epic UFO sighting and because we have the exact time, date and place we can probably get some answers to this. Share your thoughts in the comments section below and please don't forget to share this post, thanks.{alertInfo}

Credit: Olumide Lawal @kavinicci Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. why would aliens have a need for marker lights?

  2. This report has some of the worst English I've ever seen.

  3. 1960 in farmland of central Illinois my daughter (10 years old) and I viewed a UFO at our farm. Yes, they fly backwards and no sound, windows with orange red coming from windows while rotation.

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