The Largest Fleet Of UFOs Filmed From Airplane Window

These UFOs are Orbs or spheres some people call them Tic Tac-shaped UFOs and UAPs but, I like to call them fleets of UFOs.

Keeping it plain and simple and literal is sometimes the best thing to do especially when trying to describe a large number of UFOs just like this lot.

Large fleet of UFOs filmed from an airplane.

UFO fleet in formation filmed from the window of an aeroplane.

They're all flying in formation together in one direction.

Seriously what's going on in the world, we're witnessing UFOs being shot down (kind of) and now the Pentagon is telling us there's a Mothership in Interstellar space sending probes to Earth and other planets. We've also had UAP confirmation from the Pentagon that these UFOs aren't originating on Earth. It's been a truly strange last 7 years. We've had so much disclosure that guy we've had our questions answered.


Where did these UFOs come from and where do they go or do they continue flying around the world nonstop all the time? Who could even answer that?

This sighting happened in Bangkok Thailand. It was uploaded to Ovnisufos2 Instagram. No time or date.

Below is a photo from an old NASA archive. I can't verify it's authentication but it does give us an idea of the Mothership craft that the Pentagon was talking about recently.

Mothership UFO is in Interstellar space sending probes to Earth.

Close up of a Mothership in deep space filmed by NASA.

Massive UFO Mothership photographed by NASA.

It's a wonderful time for Ufology and the only thing left is the revelation of Extraterrestrials.


These are white spheres which are been filmed by the eye witness out of the window of an aeroplane. At first, I couldn't see anything except for the clouds but then out from underneath the clouds all these UFOs start to emerge from behind the clouds.

They all look like they're glowing periodically but in perfect synchronisation as the video is playing. It could be the video playing at half speed that makes it look as if these UFOs are glowing. One thing I do know is that these are not normal and as far as a horde of balloons goes, these aren't showing the same behaviour patterns because balloons usually just keep on rising until they pop.

These Orbs look as if they're at the same height which is weird and it backs up the formation theory.


In my opinion, these UFO Orbs are glowing every now and again maybe communicating to each other and they're all in perfect synchronisation. It's not drones because they're to high. It's not aeroplanes and it does not look like balloons. I don't think it's Chinese lanterns because those are usually different colours. Mainly, Chinese lanterns are red which is a sign of good fortune in China.

Here's a quick quote from the China Highlights website:

Chinese Lanterns Are Almost Always Red. Traditionally, Chinese lanterns are red and oval-shaped, decorated with red and gold tassels. In Chinese culture, the colour red is believed to symbolize warmth, happiness, and good fortune.

Google Search 

It's a good thing to narrow down the possibilities of man-made objects first then what's left as they say no matter how improbable must be the answer. The actual saying is a wee bit different from what I've just written but that's the jist of it.

Is this large-scale UFO sighting possibly Chinese spy balloons? Probably not but I'll answer that anyway. It's not Chinese spy balloons because of the size. The Chinese government would not release this many spy balloons all at once. Unless it's a case of many examples hoping it will bring many rewards? I can't see how these would be balloons as I said at the beginning of this post.

The smaller civilian balloon like a fun fair balloon would normally be multicoloured not entirely white and we'd be pushed to see them because they are so small and considering how far away the UFO Orbs are from the aeroplane, we'd more than like not be able to see them this good?

In the high atmosphere at that height, there are different types of air. That's why aeroplanes experience turbulences. Lack of air and air travelling at different speeds and then there are pressure systems, jet streams. If these were balloons they'd be travelling in different directions and at different speeds. For sure!

So after narrowing down the usual speculations, what's left in the pot so-to-speak? What is left are UFO Orbs travelling in formation together with an unknown purpose.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Check out "Cosmic Agency" these videos explain a LOT why ETs are here. They've always been here. Best regards.

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