How To Really Find Out If Someone Is Worth Your Time

This list may shock you and there is a good chance your already doing something wrong when judging people? Remember that you are the one making the judgements and decisions, right. We picked up on this online news article because it goes to the very core of what a conspiracy theorist is?

This is a list of things to look out for? To see whether someone is actually worth your precious trust and ultimately "are they worth your time"?

Let's delve in straight at the top and things to be aware of and things you'll have to get used to;

  1. Making the wrong opinion isn't the end of the world
  2. A conspiracy theorist is always been judged
  3. Most things you have an opinion about will have people opposing it
  4. Your opinionated, get used to it - but that's a good thing

Use These Seven Tips To Decide Whether A Person Can Be Trusted And How To Tell If Someone Is Worth Your Trust?
Learning how to correctly determine if someone is trustworthy is easier than you may think. And to prove this to you, I’ve put together a list of seven simple tips for deciding whether a person should be trusted.

  • Observe the person from different perspectives and in different situations. You don’t want to judge a person too easily
  • Analyze their behavior to see if it’s consistent across different circumstances
  • Take time to discover the “whole picture” of a person
  • See if they trust others. People who are easily suspicious of others, are the very same people you may not want to give your trust to
  • Ask yourself how much you know how they think. Getting inside someone’s head allows you to understand how they think and act
  • Try to learn about their past. The person standing in front of you may look like an angel - but what do you really know about them
  • But don’t strive to know 100 percent about a person. If you do this, then you’ll likely to never reach the stage of deciding on their trustworthiness

Why the need for all this in the first place, because anyone who knows anything nowadays knows that genuine people are well, genuine from the start. You can usually figure this out immediately?


But if your still trying to figure someone out to see if they are a possible good friend, well then if you still haven't figured this out after a while or at least 3 times of meeting someone then they probably ain't worth your time.

A friend is someone that from near enough the start will be a "friend". That's the most basic behaviour in nature (to be a friend) so if someone is not being a friend or they're holding back then they ain't friendly overall and you don't need anyone who holds back on friendship.

Remember though that everyone is different and in my own circumstances this is how I perceive a friend and this way of determining if someone is a friend or just someone to say "hi" to has worked well for me. It might not work for you as everyone is different.

Always give people the benefit of the doubt and this will stand you in good stead also.

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