2 Suns Filmed From Earth Is Very Rare To See

Seeing two suns in the sky is an alarming sight that is sure to leave many people feeling confused and scared.

Seeing 2 Sun's in the day time is strange.

But what does it mean? The phenomenon, known as the "double sun" or "Nibiru," is caused by an optical illusion created when two celestial bodies appear close together in the sky. This can happen when two planets, stars, or even the sun and moon are in alignment.

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Although the sight of two suns can be disconcerting, it is important to remember that it is not a sign of impending doom. The double sun phenomenon is quite common and is often seen in different parts of the world. The alignment of celestial bodies is a natural occurrence, and it is nothing to be alarmed about.

For those who are curious to learn more about the double Sun phenomenon, there are plenty of resources available. YouTube is a great place to start with many videos and analyses of the phenomenon. With a bit of research, you can learn a ton more stuff about the actual science behind the double sun phenomena and why it is nothing to worry about. Is it Nibiru, though...

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/Canva.

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