Mysterious White Sphere Orb UFO Above Cornwall Beach

The Mysterious White Sphere Orb UFO Above Cornwall Beach in August of 2020 That Defies Conventional Aircraft And Drones.

Mysterious White Sphere Orb UFO Above Cornwall Beach.

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In the vast open expanse of the infinite universe, sightings of unidentified flying objects have always evoked wonder and curiosity within the human psyche.


Among the many elusive objects that have graced our skies, a recent (four years ago) sighting of a white sphere Orb UFO over Cornwall Beach in August 2020 has left witnesses awe-inspired and it even made it to the TV. With its unique behaviour and incredible speed, this enigmatic airborne entity invites us to delve deeper into the unknown.

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The Cornwall Beach Encounter:

On a tranquil early summer evening in August 2020, a beachgoer was awe-struck as he observed an extraordinary spectacle unfolding before his eyes. Hovering just above the water's surface, a white sphere Orb UFO swiftly appeared from the right, silently defying the laws of aerodynamics. Unlike any conventional flying vehicle, with no visible means of a propulsion system it arrested its motion abruptly, without swaying or gradually coming to a halt.

The Unreal Speed, Instantaneous Acceleration:

As startled onlookers watched in amazement, the white sphere Orb UFO suddenly propelled itself upwards. Its vertical ascent defied comprehension, as it instantaneously accelerated, leaving a trail of pixels in its wake. The incredible speed of the UFO's ascent made capturing clear photographic evidence challenging, with the camera unable to keep up with the blur of motion it left behind.

The Significance of the Encounter:

This mysterious encounter prompts significant questions about the nature and origin of unidentified flying objects. Are these curious orbs visitors from distant galaxies, advanced technology created by humans, or something entirely different? Whether one subscribes to the belief in extraterrestrial life or not, such encounters generate thought-provoking discussions and spark our collective imagination.

UFO Phenomenon and Modern Society:

Historically, sightings of UFOs have been reported throughout various epochs, deeply ingrained in numerous cultures and civilizations worldwide. In modern times, technological advancements have enabled a greater number of individuals to document and share their encounters, fueling public interest in the subject. The August 2020 sighting over Cornwall Beach speaks to the persistent and enduring allure of the UFO phenomenon in our contemporary society.

Exploring Possibilities:

While many sceptics may dismiss UFO sightings as mere illusions or misinterpretations, others advocate for further investigation into these unexplained aerial phenomena. Scientific research, increased collaboration between governments, and open-minded discussions have the potential to shed light on the mysteries hidden within our skies. The Discovery Channel and researchers including investigators have all taken a close look at this UFO video and their collective efforts have determined that the video footage is genuine and there's no evidence whatsoever that it's a manipulated video or a prank 9r even CGI rendering created on a computer.


The captivating sighting of a white sphere Orb UFO over Cornwall Beach in August 2020 continues to captivate our collective imagination. With its sudden stops, extraordinary speed, hovering and the mesmerizing camera trail it left behind as it shot off upward towards space, this encounter underscores the ongoing fascination surrounding the UFO phenomenon. As we seek answers and explore the unknown, every unexplained sighting brings us one step closer to unravelling the mystique surrounding these celestial enigmas.

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Credit: UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, ufo footage, Discovery (History Channel), thedailyanomaly Instagram.

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