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A UFO sighting video was filmed over San Diego, California which has caught the attention of many, including myself. The witness shared a video on Instagram around 35 weeks ago, showcasing the UFO's remarkable ability to change shape.

San Diego California Silver UFO Changes Shape Video.

Transforming Itself Into Different Shapes

Initially resembling a silver Mylar balloon, it quickly transformed into at least five different versions of itself as you'll see in the video. This behaviour sets it apart from typical balloons, leaving us with an intriguing mystery to ponder.

Transforming Itself Multiple Times

The video footage reveals the UFO transitioning from a peculiar curled shape to a spherical form and even showcasing what appears to be a camera lens-like protrusion resembling a man-made camera.

The witness, understandably shocked by this phenomenon, decided to capture the UFO's shape-shifting abilities. What makes this sighting even more fascinating is the complete absence of any visible means of propulsion.

The UFO Flies Effortlessly Over San Diego California

As I delve into the details of this event, it becomes clear that this UFO sighting is unlike any other. The witness's photographs turned into video evidence provide a glimpse into an extraordinary phenomenon that challenges our understanding of conventional objects in the sky. With its ability to alter its shape and defy explanation, this UFO has certainly captured the curiosity and amazement of many.

San Diego UFO Specifics

- A UFO sighting was shared with Instagram, and it has undergone multiple transformations.

- The object, although resembling a silver Mylar balloon, behaves in a way that defies explanation.

- This event occurred in San Diego, California, where the UFO was observed changing shape from a curled form to a sphere, and eventually revealing a camera-like protrusion.

- The witness, understandably, was shocked by this extraordinary phenomenon.

- The UFO's ability to alter its shape is truly remarkable, and it appeared to lack any visible means of propulsion.


I'll continue to look into this amazing UFO video and when I get more information I'll update this news article straight away and share it with you. Until then please don't forget to share this post and share your thoughts and opinions on this UFO video.{alertInfo}

Credit: sdskywalker88_og Instagram, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, UFO footage.

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