Jeremy Corbell Just Released Jellyfish UAP Video

In October 2018, a mind-boggling video of a jellyfish-like unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) was released by Jeremy Corbell.

Jeremy Corbell recently released a UAP video showing a jellyfish-like UAP.

Let's get into it.

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So, let's talk about this mind-blowing jellyfish-UAP video that was released by Jeremy Corbell recently but which was filmed back in October 2018.


Now, this video was filmed by the joint US military base operations personnel as it was flying over their base in Iraq.

Reaching Out To The Pentagon

I must mention that it's important to note that the video which hasn't been independently verified by myself or anyone to date as of Wednesday 10th Jan 2024 was first published on X by Jeremy Corbell. But when it does I'll be sure to update this amazing UFO event article.

The footage captures the object travelling over land, through the sensitive base. The video shows the UAP frequently changing from hot (black) to cold (white) as it moves over buildings and animals. - Liberation Times

Jellyfish-like UAP Video

Let me tell you right now that this video shows us something else, something altogether different that is very hard for anyone (myself especially) to wrap our heads around. Nicknamed the Jellyfish-like UAP was filmed using a top-notch thermal imaging camera, the kind that the military uses, which was over the United States Joint Military Operations Base in Iraq. Can you believe it?

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UAP Decides To Submerge Just Like The Tic Tac UAP Also Did

Now, picture this: it's nighttime, and this mysterious object is flying over a joint military base in Iraq. And get this, it's not just flying around aimlessly, oh no. It heads towards a body of water and decides to take a dip! Yep, it submerges itself underwater for a whopping 17 minutes. Talk about a deep-sea adventure!

Where Did The UAP Go After Resurfacing

But wait, there's more! After its underwater escapade, this thing resurfaces and zooms off at an insanely fast speed. I mean, we're talking lightning-fast here, folks. It's enough to make your head spin!

Thermal Imaging Camera Used To Film UAPs Rules Out Drones

It was filmed using a military-grade thermal imaging camera, this is the one thing that ties all the UAPs together which is extraordinary to say the least. The thermal imaging camera captured the UAP's journey from over a United States Joint Military Operations Base in Iraq to a nearby body of water and it submerged which rules out drones.

The question is:

- Was the aircraft filming the jellyfish-like UAP specifically scrambled to intercept or observe?

- Was the joint military base in Iraq on alert?

- Was the aircraft filming the UAP able to track further afield and where did it go?

- What alerted the Iraqi joint US military base to its presence?

- Have there been any incidents before or since involving the same jellyfish-like UAP or other similar types of UAPs?

What's truly astonishing is that the UAP submerged itself underwater for a staggering 17 minutes before resurfacing and zooming off at an astonishing speed.


That means the military aircraft filming the strange UAP must have hoovered or circled above the body of water waiting for the thing to surface. Did they get lucky that it surfaced at the same place it submerged or do they understand what they are dealing with? Did luck have no part to play and if we're talking about UAP disclosure and transparency why has Jeremy Corbell had to yet again release another example of the video footage not finding its way to the public even after all the promises from the US Government here's the link to their so-called transparency efforts it's called AARO. All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office.

This video has caught the attention of News Nation, who have reached out to the Pentagon for comment. Stay tuned folks, because when they update this mind-blowing video, I'll make sure to update you too. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for any jellyfish-UAP sightings.

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Credit: Jeremy Corbell/Elizabeth Vargas - News Nation YouTube Channel/AARO/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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