Large Cylinder-Shaped UFO Filmed Flying Over The Moon

The Mystery of the Large Cylinder-Shaped UFO Filmed Flying Over The Moon.

Large cylinder shape UFO releases Orbs over the Moon.

Let's have a look.

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The world of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), stories that capture our curiosity and intrigue surface from time to time.


One such mysterious occurrence revolves around an amateur astronomer's footage of a large cylinder-shaped UFO made up of what appears to be four connected orbs. The scarcity of information surrounding this sighting calls for a careful examination in order to discern its authenticity and motives behind it. In this article, I'll embark on a mission for answers, urging caution and skepticism along the way.

The Amateur Astronomer's Discovery

It all began when an amateur astronomer aimed their telescope towards the night sky, capturing a breathtaking video that showcased a peculiar UFO.

Lunar cylinder shape UFO released UFO Orbs.

The object, seemingly composed of four interconnected orbs attached to a central shaft, stood out against the backdrop of the Moon to the left. The video created a ripple in the UFO enthusiast community, triggering a desire to comprehend the nature of this extraordinary sighting and the lack of information only fuels speculation.

Evaluating Authenticity

With the advent of technology, determining the authenticity of UFO sightings has become both more challenging and more critical. CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) has become increasingly sophisticated, posing a potential roadblock in distinguishing between genuine phenomena and well-crafted hoaxes.

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The importance of corroborative evidence cannot be overstated. Although we currently possess limited information about this specific UFO event, exploring similar occurrences may offer useful insights. By identifying other credible cases featuring similar characteristics, we can enhance our understanding and establish potential connections, either supporting or scrutinizing the authenticity of the original sighting.

Digging Deeper: Seeking Similar UFO Events

To shed light on the large cylinder-shaped UFO, it is crucial to conduct an extensive search for other sightings with comparable attributes. We explore documented cases of UFO sightings featuring cylindrical or orb-like shapes, hoping to unveil any recurring patterns or possible links. This process requires sifting through various reports, analyzing witness accounts, and evaluating supporting evidence such as photographs or videos. It is important, however, to approach these findings with skepticism and employ critical thinking to differentiate between valid data and elaborate fabrications. If it stands alone as a one off event then it could point to a fantasy or what's in favour at the time of the supposed event maybe playing on the popular topic at the time? There's got to be similarities with this one and other UFO events as a sort of fingerprint or telltale sign from a specific hoaxer. Unless it is a genuine one off astonishing UFO sighting then it needs to be placed in the plausible UFO sightings.

Known Information No1

Omega UFOs Ufos - Huge size Mother Ship orbiting the Moon. This alien artifact could have an approximate length of about 150 to 200 kilometers.

clip posted : Adam Ebe

Considering Motives

When investigating UFO sightings, comprehending the motives behind potential hoaxes or misrepresentations is paramount. While motivations can vary greatly, some common underlying factors include the desire for attention, sensationalism, or even financial gain. It is essential to examine the circumstances surrounding the video's release: Was the amateur astronomer (if it's proved to be a amateur astronomer) seeking attention or simply sharing an honest discovery? Were there any inconsistencies in their story that raise doubt? Analyzing such aspects can lead us closer to a resolution. Let's try to get to the bottom of this one and other UFO sightings as and where the evidence takes us. That's how we separate fact from fiction. I hope you have found this article interesting and of use in your own investigations and as soon as any more information becomes available or comes to light I'll sure as the day is long update this article. And thank you for stopping by and looking into this strange case of the four orbs cylinder shape UFO over the Moon. Where did the orbs released go I wonder.

Known Information No1

MOTHERSHIP RELEASES "UFOS" ON THE MOON. May 25, 2019. Earth - Moon. A monumental "luminous" structure releases ships as they pass by the Moon. As if it were an "Invasion", a "mother" ship UFOLOGO PEDRO RAMIREZ approached the moon to "deposit" smaller objects, the extraordinary video shows recent Alien activities on our natural satellite. Until now the origin of the images is unknown, but without a doubt it is about the Extraterrestrial presence that for some reason has not ceased in

recent years and that today could be visible during the Eclipse. It is time to believe. - Ufologo Pedro Remírez, 03.07.2019 (posted online on that date)

Urging Caution and Critical Analysis

While it is natural to want definitive answers, it is essential to approach any and all UFO sightings with an air of caution and critical analysis. Rigorous investigation and the accumulation of relevant data are essential for separating fact from fiction as much as we possibly can. Engaging with reputable UFO research organizations (I reccomend NUFORC) or consulting experts in the field can facilitate this process, offering insights and perspectives that encourage a balanced evaluation.


The footage of the large cylinder-shaped UFO, composed of interconnected orbs and filmed by an amateur astronomer, presents an intriguing mystery. In our quest for truth, we must exercise skepticism, piecing together the puzzle by examining corroborative evidence and seeking similar cases. By understanding the motives behind potential hoaxes and employing critical analysis, we inch closer to uncovering the authenticity and purpose of this captivating sighting. In the realm of the unknown, let us embrace caution as we navigate the seas of extraordinary, unidentified anomalous phenomena.


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Credit: Pedro Remírez/Adam Ebe/Invisible Flying Craft Tik Tok/Facebook/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Madness/ufosfootage/Canva.


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