Sunday, 18 March 2018

CERN Demons Are Real, HERE Is The Video

CERN Demons are real and here's the awful truth!
CERN has got Demons actually in the images it blooming released to the public! Cheeky or what! This is taking the pee big time. What with the rituals they did.

The images in this video have not been altered in any way whatsoever by me or anyone I know!

Your seeing exactly what we are seeing. CERN has been crossing the line of what's acceptable and what is decent. DEMONS are definitely not acceptable in any way shape or form. We need to keep releasing the images that they released and keep it in the public's eye for everyone in the world to see and be outraged at.

These Demons may be controlled by the CERN scientists and can be used to do unspeakable things? We just don't know what these "things" are doing now that they have been released? It is scary to think about?

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