Solar Flares Happen BUT This One Is MASSIVE And It Happened In 2012

This is a massive CME Solar Flare the likes of which has never ever been seen before nobody has ever lived to tell the tale anyways and it's happened when, it happened JUST BEFORE the Mayan calendar happened to go off line so-to-speak? It's all to obviously at the right time for me? It's just another piece of the puzzle that's come to light and i'm sure that there's more pieces of the puzzle as yet to come to light?

It's as if time itself is a revealing factor and as if it's a part of this deception? I am sure I looked for stuff like this and never found it before but I must be wrong? I'm starting to think that this is another piece of the Mandela Effect and it's only come to light because it's only just shown itself? Strange that? Honestly, why this has only just come out now as far as us seeing it is strange because we looked for stuff like this happening in 2012? This is like one of the top things we looked for that happened in 2012. When one types in 2012 catastrophes and strange events or cataclysmic events that happened in 2012 why didn't this come up before? It's blooming strange and it's only getting stranger as time goes by?

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